Easy Ways To Save For Your Next Holiday

I love to travel and we make a point of putting money aside for that purpose. The fact is that taking a vacation is good for you. Really. Taking a holiday actually makes you healthier and less likely to be stressed out. It gives you so many different experiences, so get out there and enjoy yourself! You don’t have to go abroad to have a holiday.

Worried about how to finance your trip? Consider the following 8 ideas:

Choose the right vacation 

Picking the right vacation matters. You need to consider what you are interested in, what your goals are (Relaxation? Adventure? Education?), and realistically what you can afford. If you have a small budget don’t let that get you down; some of the best vacations are those that don’t cost a fortune, just plan carefully with your goals in mind.

Get your bookings done on discounted rates

Look for discount deals. The internet makes shopping for vacation deals so easy. Try Trivago for hotels and Priceline for airfare. But before you book also check out prices direct at the websites of the airline or hotel; sometimes they have an even better offer. A little time surfing the net and comparison shopping can result in huge savings when you book.


Use cash back or pay back points in your account

Most credit cards today offer cash back or some type of reward points – save these up and apply them to your vacation. You might even choose specific credit cards for exactly this reason; for example, Chase bank (US) has a Disney card where you can earn points towards Disney vacations, and there are many more.

Take advantage of coupons

There are many promotions online that can save you money on travel. Some are scams, so be careful. But others, like Groupon, can give deep discounts on great adventures. Also, we all hear bad about those time share free vacations, but many are on the level and really you need to just attend a two hour sales pitch to get an entire weekend free. For some people on a budget it might be worth it.

Use your investments

Vacations are important, and while you don’t want to surf away your entire life savings, sometimes it is worth a much needed vacation to cash in on an investment. You might want to sell structured settlements if you have them, cash in a CD, or sell a few stocks if you really need to get away and recharge.


Get more discounts by booking in a group

Sometimes you can get better deals when you book with a group. This is particularly true of tour packages or international escapes, so consider traveling with some buddies or lots of extended family.

Use your pocket money

It’s amazing how fast money in your pocket can add up. Try these two tricks: Every time you get change stick it in your pocket and don’t spend it; when you get home put it in a jar. To up the anti, every time you get a fiver do the same thing, put it in that jar. You will be amazed at how fast your change and five spots add up to vacation cash.


Work a few extra hours

If you have a job that allows overtime do it. Work just a few extra hours each week and scuttle that money away in your vacation fund. Or, temporarily take on a part time job just to pay for your vacation, then put in your notice two weeks before you set sail.

Start putting these tips to work and get ready for your next vacation. You will feel better when you return refreshed and just that much happier.


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