Eating Like a Queen While Camping

The convenience of a kitchen makes it easy to whip up delicious meals and snacks without (usually) having to break a sweat. For those of us who love to cook, we tend to get a bit grumpy whenever we’re kept away from preparing those hot new recipes we’ve found online or grabbed from friends.

Yet, there are times where we’re far away from the kitchen and need to be a bit more resourceful. One such example is when we’re traveling: whether we’re staying in a great hotel or exploring the great outdoors, most kitchen conveniences are reduced or outright absent.

Anybody who’s planning on a camping excursion and who loves food will be pleased to know that there are some methods to bridge this gap – and avoid eating tasteless, freeze-dried rations. Let’s look at how you can eat like a queen while roughing it under the stars.

Bring Ingredients Suited to the Climate

With so many places to camp and explore in the world, it’s hard to give one-size-fits-all advice for what food to bring. However, you can plan ahead if you know what climate you’ll be camping in and for how long.

For example, those who love a good challenge and enjoy camping in colder climates and/or at higher elevations will be pleased to know that they can bring meat for the first couple of days of the trip. The right kind of meat will retain its natural cold in these environments, meaning you can prepare some very delicious meals around the campfire.

If you’re heading to a more humid or hot climate, then you’ll want to bring ingredients that can hold up under these conditions. While coolers are always an option, most campers like to bring as little as possible with them: this means packing food without the need for refrigeration or added protection from the environment.

Aim for Portable Cookware

There’s nothing goofier than trying to drag half the kitchen into the woods with you. Thankfully, many campers and survivalists have perfected the art of cookware and food preparation while in the wild.

From collapsing pots and pans to fire-starters and Tupperware, there are many options that you can consider for your camping trip. Being able to not only bring portable cookware but use its space efficiently for storage during the trip makes it easier to do more with less. Stores such as have a wide selection of camping cookware and survival food preparation options that can be useful for any camping trip.

Bring Snacks

Everything doesn’t have to be cooked over the fire to ensure you’re eating like a queen. It’s perfectly acceptable to bring a few comfort foods from home, and one of the best types of food to bring is snacks.

Because snacks are simple, don’t require cooking, and are usually individually packaged and portable, they make the perfect companions for camping if you want to eat between meals. When used responsibly, they can also help reduce the number of raw ingredients or other foods you need to bring along for the trip.

Eating like a queen while away from all the comforts of home isn’t impossible, nor is it even difficult. If you have a flair for cooking, then all you need are a few raw ingredients, an open fire, and some cookware. Bring along your favorite recipes, a few snacks, and you’ll be set for however long you’re camping in the great outdoors!

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