Eco-Friendly Paper Furniture for Indoors or the Garden

Bags can be Eco friendly, toothbrushes, clothes, drinks bottles and even toilet rolls but I wanted to know if there was such a thing as Eco friendly furniture.

Back in the 1917 a new method/material was created for making furniture. This method was Eco friendly and involved the twisting of woven Kraft paper to produce a smooth, distortion free material which could be used to make extremely durable ‘creak free’ furniture for indoor or outdoor use. The name given to this type of furniture was ‘Lloyd Loom’ and today is found being used to produce very modern furniture by Belgian company, Vincent Sheppard.

Vincent Sheppard provides furniture to many high-class restaurants and hotels around the world but is also proving to be very popular now for home and garden use. There are not many retailers where Vincent Sheppard can be found, but I’ve found a great website, The Garden Furniture & Interiors Co. which sells the entire range of Vincent Sheppard with the added bonus of free delivery.

Like many people, I’ve often browsed through home and interior design magazines looking at the latest trends, hoping that one day I would be able to design an area within my home complete with designer furniture which is modern and comfortable but hasn’t resulted in the destruction of forests and the labour of underpaid workers. So, when I found Vincent Sheppard, I was please to see that there is such a thing as an ethical, Eco friendly company which makes timeless furniture which you could imagine yourself sitting back, enjoying and appreciating for years to come.

Let’s not pretend that this furniture is going to suit all tastes, but I must say that when I saw some of the Vincent Sheppard designs, particularly the indoor chairs and tables, I really did feel that it is the type of furniture I would love to have in my home.

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  • Hey, Thank you for sharing this. People are now getting aware of eco-friendly furniture. and there are also different varieties in it which will make your home more beautiful. And also there are many benefits also for using eco-friendly furniture.