Eco Spring Cleaning Hacks

The sun is just starting to shine and it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and enjoy the spring flowers in all their glory. As well as getting out on a long walk, you might have some actual cobwebs that the sunshine has brought to your attention. People are often shocked at how much dust the house can accumulate over the winter months, so a spring clean is probably long overdue.

Believe it or not, it’s cleansing for the mind to make your home into a clean and tidy haven, a house of order amongst your busy schedule will make life so much easier!

Make your home environment the place that you really want to spend time in, the perfect space for hosting gatherings and enjoying family time but also your comfort zone – the place to wind down, relax and have some peace after a long day.

We all have our favourite cleaning products, the ones that we couldn’t live without and the ones we might use out of habit. With a lot more media attention on looking after our environment, people are being more mindful about choices they make. It’s hard to know which cleaning products are better for our well being and our environment as well as being effective in tackling the germs. Eco friendly cleaning products are available and are becoming a much more popular choice as people are becoming aware and in tune to the advantages of looking after our planet.  

It may not just be our personal space that needs a spring clean but our workplace, too. Your office might be in need of a clear out and a deep clean; stacks of paper would have built up over the months and the whole office is probably in need of a declutter. Afterall, you can’t possibly be productive if you are surrounded by mountains of five year old paperwork . 

Why not give the office a new lease of life through a little team building? Get your employees involved in the office clean up as well as letting them voice their opinions on having an eco-friendly workplace. Our offices, schools and hospitals also need to be aware of the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products and It’s in your favour to be a company that endorses environmental friendliness. Whether you are embracing more natural light, opting for more paperless meetings or allowing employees to work from home, these are all choices that save money as well as energy!

Have you made a start on spring cleaning yet? It would be great to hear what you think.

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