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Life is a little different at the moment, isn’t it? No school, working from home for all of the family, and not leaving our home unless we need to get food or go for a run or walk. Although it is a little unprecedented, it has allowed me to take a step back from our busy regular life, and actually have a little more time to do things. There is no running around from children’s dance lessons, and one of my businesses (wraparound childcare) is obviously on hold, meaning that my days are much less busy (if a little repetitive).

I have been wanting to up my fitness for a while now, but realistically, I can only manage to get to two exercise classes a week (hello, busy schedule). But at the moment, I have had much more time for it, and have been out running, walking, as well as using free exercise content that is online.

One essential that I need for running, in order to motivate me and keep me going, is a bangin’ playlist. And what comes along with that? Headphones. I have not been much of a headphone connoisseur before, and have just been using the ones that come with my phone, but I have been trying out the Edifier True Wireless Earbuds recently, and they have been a great help on my daily exercise during lockdown, as well as for having around the house, when I need some time just to myself.

Overview of the Earbud Features

To stat off with, I really like the case that the earbuds come in. That is what they charge in, and it is a good size to just have in our bag. As soon as you take them out of the charging case, they are on and ready to go and connect with your phone. They are magnetic to the case, so there is less chance of losing them, which I think it s a great feature! The earbuds themselves are a good size, and they are subtle, so that the hardly look like you’ve got anything in your ear, especially when I have my hair down. What about the features, though?

The earbuds give you 8 hours of playback on a single charge, and another 24 hours from the charging case, which is really impressive. The earbuds are designed to fit all ear shapes, and they come with a variety of earbud tips to adjust the fit, depending on your ears and how snug you like them to fit. I found them really comfortable to wear, and although I was worried that they would fall out easily, they felt secure and didn’t move around.

Another feature I like is that they are sweat-proof. I know it might be TMI, but on a hot day as we have been having, and going out running, there is sweat everywhere! I have had other headphones start to crackle in my ears when sweat happens, but not the case with the earbuds.

It has got to be all about the sound they produce at the end of the day, right? I was impressed with this, again. The sound quality is great, and the Bluetooth connectivity was all fine and was simple and easy to pair them up with my phone. You can take calls with them too, and this was clear and unproblematic, with great call quality. The earbuds have cVc environmental noise reduction, making the calls really have clear , and giving the mic clarity, so the caller hears me clearly too.

Using both earbuds can be a little much sometimes, especially for around the house when I need to hear something on a group call, but also keep an eye on what the children are doing, but they’ve thought of that, as you can enjoy audio in standard stereo, or switch to a mono configuration that allows you to use just one earbud without losing sound channels. Another great feature.

Overall Review

I am impressed with the earbuds and will continue to use them. They are designed really well, with life in mind. So whether you’d use them for running or at the gym, or for commuting or taking business calls, they can work for both. The style of them looks good, and they are available in several colours. The price point in the UK is £32.99 on Amazon, which for earbuds, is pretty competitive, and a lot cheaper than similar brands. I think you get good value for money with these earbuds, and they work just as well as the leading brand, in my opinion.

Have you heard of Edifier TWS1 True Wireless Earbuds before? It would be great to hear what you think.

The earbuds were gifted in exchange for review – all opinions are my own, and I would only recommend something if I would pay for it myself.

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