Great Ideas for Efficiently Organising Your Garage

It’s very easy for your garage to quickly get in a mess, especially when you live in a big family household. Your kids will keep going in to get their bikes, someone will be storing hundreds of tools in there and it can quickly get very disorganised. This can all come to a head when looking for something in particular or cleaning it out to move to a new house. Make accessing your garage and its contents simple with an effective organisation system.

Create Different Zones

Group everything stored in your garage into different categories, such as sports equipment, power tools, gardening gear, car supplies, recycling and anything else you store there. This way it should be clear which area of your garage to head to when seeking out something specific. Having a zone for your kids and an out of bounds area (where any potentially hazardous chemicals are kept) will make it safer too.

Use the Walls

There’s ample opportunity to use the walls in your garage for creating extra storage space. Putting up shelves is a good way to make room for storing anything from tools to car supplies, tins of paint and more. Alternatively, a pegboard will take up even less room and can be ideal for hanging up garden tools such as rakes and spades, baskets for holding smaller items and anything else appropriate.

Introduce Moveable Tool Chests

For added freedom with your storage, investing in rolling tool chests offers a solution. This way you can easily store tools and materials but if you need to rearrange your garage in the future (or simply move it out of the way to get in your bike) it’s a lot easier. Plus, if you’re doing some work outside of the garage you can simply roll it out onto the drive.

Maximise Ceiling Space

Similar to using the walls, your ceiling can be adapted with track storage to hold boxes full of items. Using big plastic storage bins, they can be filled with all sorts, from camping gear to Christmas decorations, as long as they’re not too heavy. Label the bottom of the bins so you know exactly what’s in each one and can access them when required.

Maintain Your Standards

In order for your garage to stay well-organised, you need to maintain the condition and standards it’s in when you first get it sorted out. When you’ve got children, lead by example but make sure they are putting everything in its right place. This can be made easier with labels and help them learn about the importance of organisation.

Efficiently organise your garage and keep it up to get ever closer to reaching domestic bliss.

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