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I had never come across Eles Clothing before, until a few weeks ago. It is a place where you can bulk buy clothing. So it would be perfect for someone starting a clothing business or that owns a shop. It has such a huge variety and I was invited to review one of their dresses and I was sent the Red Floral Dress (much to my husband’s dismay – he hates anything floral)!

A lot of the lines are things that have been in high street stores previously but are new discontinued. You can see how much they use to sell for in the stores too which is quite interesting. The costs of the clothing is low, but you buy around 10 or 12 in a pack. You can then use or sell on at a price suitable for you. I could see a lot of online sellers, like on eBay, doing it this way.

The dress I was sent was slightly different to what I was expecting. It said that it was ‘long’ and that it sits just above the knee. It might be due to my height but found that it sits a little higher on my legs, especially at the back. It almost feels a bit maternity-like, as it is longer at the front. Its not the end of the world but I would choose to wear it with leggings now, rather than tights I think. It is a stretchy material so perfect for the larger ones amongst us. I have found since becoming a parent too, I have wanted my day-to-day clothes just to be ‘easier’ to wear, if that makes any sense? The dress is comfortable and sits well. It washes and dries well too.

yes, thats my child by the mirror. reality of being a parent blogger and needing to take photos! 😉

I think it looks good with thick black tights, ankle boots and a leather jacket for colder days. In warmer weather it would look cute by itself with a pair of clogs or sandals.

The dress is sold individually for £5 (originally £38 in the shops), but you buy in a bulk set for £60. It isn’t a website that I would use again to be honest. I don’t have a need for bulk buying clothes. For those that do, though, or want to start something like an eBay business, then it would work really well. The customer service I received was great and I found the website straightforward and easy to use.

Have you heard of Eles clothing before?


*the dress was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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