Sugar-Free Snacking | Deliciously Ella Energy Balls Review

I think that most people know that I am trying to cut out refined sugar from my diet as much as possible. As a result, one of my main resources for recipes comes from the Deliciously Ella cookbooks. I like to cook from scratch the majority of the time and this helps massively. I also know I can cook anything from her books and it will suit the kind of diet that I am trying to have. Natural and unprocessed and free from any animal products. I have tried plenty of her recipes from main meals to snacking recipes. I’ve pretty much loved everything that I’ve tried.

One of the snacking recipes that I have tried a lot are the energy balls. They are quick to make as you literally put the ingredients into a food processor. Blitz it all together and then roll into balls. Making a batch up on a Sunday evening is something that I try to do. Then I’ve got a few in the house and it should stop me trying reaching for anything refined when I need something sweet. It doesn’t always happen with one thing or another. So I love that there is now a Deliciously Ella energy ball range that you can order in bulk or just get individually from a shop. I have seen them in my local Waitrose so it is rather handy for me and stops me getting tempted for something else at the checkout.

What is Good?

I love that the range is completely natural. I also like the whole idea behind them is really transparent. You know exactly what is in one energy ball if you want to make it yourself. So there is no hidden ingredients or anything secretive about it. Just good, wholesome ingredients.

Of course, the taste really matters too. At the moment there are three flavours; ginger and cashew, cacao and almond and hazelnut and raisin. I was sceptical about trying out the ginger one if I am honest. I am not the biggest fan of ginger, especially if it overpowers the rest of the flavour. But it is a ginger kick without it being overpowering. The cacao and almond one feels more like a treat somehow as it is really chocolatey tasting. The hazelnut and raisin one is quite fragrant as it has some cardamom in. I love cardamom though so think it’s a great ingredient to use.

I honestly couldn’t choose what my favourite would be! But the great thing is I can make my own anyway. I pretty much always have the ingredients in, so it is easy to whip up a batch and they’ll taste exactly like the store bought ones.

What was Bad?

I think the issue I have at the moment is accessibility, but I hope that improves with time. It would be great to see more refined sugar-free snacking options in all supermarkets. We have the likes of Nakd bars etc, but these energy balls would be great to see in more places. The only place I have seen them is in Waitrose, but you can order from Ocado, Planet Organic, Amazon and Wholefoods, for instance. Come on Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA! You need these balls in your life!


Overall I would recommend them. They taste good and are really quite filling. They are a little pricey, though, so might not work for all budgets. They retail on Amazon for a box of 12 for around £17 (so around £1.40 each). They cost a little more individually. So if you are going to buy them, then buying in bulk is more cost effective. I do think that it is handy to grab some when you’re out, though. Then you could always make your own using the recipe!

Have you ever tried these?


*a hamper was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All options are my own.

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  • I make homemade energy balls. They were a very big thing whilst I was in Australia this year. They all eat them there. I didn’t realise Ella’s have a range of them. Handy to know when I can’t be bothered to make any lol x

  • It’s so good that these are now available to buy, although I agree it would be nice to see them in more shops. I love Deliciously Ella too! I eat a mostly vegan diet anyway and had been sugar free for more than 18 months until about two months ago. Will be back on it after Christmas as I feel so much better when I cut sugar out of my diet.

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