Energy Tips to Cut Costs

You can save money on your bills by cutting down how much energy you use at home.

We have listed just 5 of the various ways you can save energy in your own home that come at little or no extra cost and could save you hundreds of pounds on your utility bills each year:

Block off Draughts

You’d be surprised at how many draught sources you have in your home. There are plenty of materials that you can use including sealant and polyfiller to block cracks in the wall and sealant strips for the windows.
Even things like a keyhole disc and letterbox flap will help keep the hallway warmer. By filling gaps and reducing the amount of cold air penetrating into the home, you can reduce the heat loss, reduce the heating bills and increase the life expectancy of your boiler.

Be Smarter about Appliances

Energy use is not just heating, it’s also about how you use basic household appliances such as the dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer.
Using them efficiently can make a big difference to bills, especially in the winter when it’s well-nigh impossible to dry clothes outside. Running one full load uses less energy than two half loads, for example.  
Keeping efficiency in mind can keep bills down.

Insulate Hot Water Tanks and Pipes

Insulate hot (and cold) water pipes with quality pipe insulation wrap or strips of fibreglass taped around the pipes. Insulating the hot water pipes raises the temperature of the water, which means you can lower your water temperature setting to save energy — with the additional benefit that your hot water will come through more quickly, so you’ll be saving water as well. You can find everything you need, including all the necessary plumbing parts from Heating and Plumbing World online.

Insulate Your Loft

It is estimated that around 15% of the loss of your heating escapes through an uninsulated roof. Insulating your loft is a simple task that can even be done as a DIY activity and can make a big difference to your heating bills. Loft insulation blankets are laid on top of the ceiling (effectively the loft’s floor) and trap the heat inside your home.

Get a New and Improved Boiler

Your boiler accounts for more than 55% of your energy bills. By investing in a more energy efficient boiler you’ll be able to significantly reduce your gas consumption.
Make sure you purchase an A-rated high-efficiency boiler. This will prove to be very economical. You might even be able to achieve savings up to £350 per year!

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