Epson EcoTank Printer 2500 | Review

When you work from home, there are certain things that you need, to really help you get your work done. A printer is certainly one of them. 

My old printer wasn’t particularly old, but you can be surprised after a few years, how the features of printers can upgrade and the cost of getting print cartridges. We only had our printer for a couple of years and had to buy printer cartridges, particularly colour cartridges, every few months. Used in a home office setting, you do get through a lot of printing.


Epson’s new EcoTank series of printers come with two years with of ink, at no extra cost. I have the new ET-2500 model and I have been really impressed with it. I think it is perfectly suited for people that work from home, or small offices perhaps, where you want to keep the cost of printing low. These printers are different because of their refillable ink tanks so you don’t need cartridges. It can fit a lot more ink in that cartridge ever could.



Other Features:

  • duplex printing
  • A3 printing
  • SD card slots
  • faxing
  • scanning
  • Wi-Fi

It was really easy to set up. It literally took about 5 minutes. You get a disk to install it with a PC or for phones or Mac, you just got to a web address. I kind of put off setting it all up as I just thought I would need a long time to do it. Not at all.

It is completely wireless to the computer. The only cable being to connect the printer to a power source. It might be a little sad but the thing I love the most about it, is that I can print wirelessly. This is literally amazing! You just get the Epson iPrint app and go from there. Love that I can just press print from my phone, for photos and documents. Hopefully this will get me organised and actually print out more pictures of the kids.

So far I have been really pleased with the printer and I would recommend. As well as the wifi and wireless features, the scanner works well and can print up to 20 copies at a time. I have been pleased with the print quality too. I think I will need to get some proper photo paper for printing out pictures though, as the quality of those isn’t as great when printed on paper.


Time will tell with the ink though and if it is an EcoTank. I like the idea though and the size of the printer is quite small, considering it has the extra tanks on the side. I will probably have to report back after two years to see if it does what it says.

Have you heard of these printers before? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


*the printer was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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