Essential Gifts For A Baby Shower That Cost Under $40

As all parents know, we likely have received gifts for our babies that are stuck in our closets, even after the baby arrives. They may seem like good things for our babies at first, and that it is something that we will use with our babies from the moment we accepted it. But when the baby actually comes, we never even pulled it out of the closet. Generally, parents look for the most practical and most convenient gifts to use. Usually, the “must-haves” every parent dreams of are strollers, cribs and baby car seats, but these are all very expensive items.

Below is a list of baby essentials that are at a reasonable price, but are guaranteed to be used for the care of the newborn baby:

Swaddle Blankets

Newborns love to be swaddled. Some babies even find it difficult to sleep unless they are tightly wrapped in blankets. Even if the parents will not use these swaddling clothes as blankets, they can be used for laying the newborn on flat surfaces, covering the baby when going outside, or covering the baby and mother when breastfeeding. There are a lot of uses parents can use swaddling blankets for.


Medicine For Baby

Medicines for newborns are usually one of the most common things parents forget until they are woken up early in the morning by the cries of their baby suffering from fever. Present them with baby medicines which they can use during emergencies such, as Tylenol for babies or Orajel.


Onesies and Sleeping Clothes

First time parents will discover that their baby will wear more onesies and sleeping outfits compared to any other clothing. Yes, there may be a lot of cute clothes available for little boys and girls, but most tim, those outfits just end up in the corners of closets, because it is not that practical to put newborns in them. Rather, look for cute, adorable sleeping clothes and onesies that you know the baby can use.


Gift Card For Take Out

When a newborn arrives in a family, expect that the last thing a parent wants to do is to spend hours cooking. This is the best time to give them gift cards they can use to get take out from various fast food chains and restaurants. When a parent is content and stress-free, they can focus more of their energy on taking care of the baby.


All newborns need many, many diapers. During a baby’s first year, they will need a lot of diapers. If you do choose to present the newborn with diapers, it is recommended to not purchase newborn sized diapers, and opt for the size 1 or size 2 diapers instead, because some babies are so healthy that they do not fit the newborn sized diapers as soon as they are born. Another reason is that babies quickly outgrow these sizes in just a couple of weeks. If you want a creative way of giving diapers, consider making a mini diaper cake for the baby shower celebration.


Baby Time Capsule

Another cost-efficient gift idea is to create a time capsule for the baby. It is very simple to make one, but you will need to spend some time to put it all together and you will also need to plan in advance. To save on the materials needed for the time capsule, rather than purchasing a readymade time capsule, you can use an extra shoe box, and decorate it with glossy and vibrant covers. You will not need expensive materials, just choose the ones that will fit your budget.

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