Essential Oils You Should Be Utilising In Your Health Routine

Essential oils are a group of oils that are derived from natural sources such as plants are fruit. They have a multitude of uses for the body and for the home, and today we want to focus on the health benefits. 

Here are some common oils you have likely encountered in the home and what they can be utilised for in the body.


CBD Oil is an essential medical oil that has come under a lot of controversies in the past due to its link to cannabis. However, this oil can actually be a huge asset to your body and it can do a lot of good things for you and your wellbeing. Some of the top uses of CBD oil are:

  • Reducing pain – If you suffer from chronic pain or a disease such as fibromyalgia, taking CBD oil daily can significantly reduce pain and help to keep the body healthy.
  • Aid depression – for those who suffer from depression or anxiety, CBD oil can be utilised as a treatment which keeps spirits high and people happy.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is often associated with the 3 wise men, but as well as this connection it is great for the body. Frankincense oil is made from resin and has a lot of great uses for the body. The oil contains chemicals which can help to calm the mind and make people happier, and this can be useful for those who constantly suffer from stress and stress-related illness. This oil is great for adding to reed diffusers or humidifiers. Here are some of the uses:

  • Respiratory system – If you suffer from a respiratory issue such as asthma, this oil can be useful as it will open up the airways and allow for effective oxygen flow in the body.
  • To calm nightmares – if you often suffer from nightmares and insomnia, the calming properties of this oil can be incredibly useful. You can dilute some oil with a carrier oil and rub this into your large arteries at the side of the neck before bedtime.
  • Skin issues – If your skin is in need of some TLC this oil can be a great way to tighten pores and also smooth the complexion of the skin.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a calming and stress relieving plant and also often helps to promote sleep. If you are currently struggling with a lot of stress and issues, it is always a good idea for you to use lavender oil either by smell or in a bath. There are a lot of benefits this oil can give you.

  • Relieve itches from bites – In the summertime, or if you live in a warm part of the world, you will likely receive bits now and again from bugs. These can be incredibly itchy and annoying, and when it comes to managing them it can be a real challenge. Stop the itch by applying lavender oil on the bite and this will soothe the itch and make it feel a little numb instead. By not itching your skin, you are less likely to cause an infection and your bite will heal quicker. 
  • Soothe burns – Aloe Vera is a plant commonly used to soothe burns, however as well as this, lavender oil is a great choice. If you suffer from a burn, apply 2-3 drops of oil to the burn to soothe and numb the pain. This will have the added benefit of preventing the skin from blistering. 

Clove Oil

Clove oil is a sweet and spicy smelling oil that has a lot of great benefits to the skin. Cloves are great for a myriad of things, and for the body, they have a lot of different benefits.

  • Toothache – if you are struggling with a toothache, add some clove oil to a cotton bud and press this against the sore tooth and surrounding gums. This will help numb the pain and also will promote healing. 
  • Treat fungal infection – It is incredibly important for you to treat fungal infections such as athletes foot as soon as it arises in the body. One way that you can do this is to apply clove oil to the affected area and this will kill the fungus and help to heal the skin.
  • For cold sores – If you are one of the unlucky souls who suffer from cold sores now and again, finding a way to treat them quickly is always a must. Clove oil has antiviral properties and this means it will treat the virus which causes a cold sore, therefore helping it to heal rapidly. You won’t have to worry too much about the pain and the appearance for long.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit seems to be one of those foods which you either love or hate, and it all depends on your taste. This juicy, citrus fruit creates a wonderful essential oil which can be utilised for a number of things. Grapefruit oil is great for the skin and it also has metabolic properties that boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.

  • A metabolism boost – if you are looking to speed up your metabolism and lose weight this year, adding a couple of drops of grapefruit oil into your drinking water is essential. Grapefruit will kick start your metabolism for the day and this, in turn, will ensure that your fat-burning ability is top-notch.
  • Antibacterial – Grapefruit contains chemicals that make it a useful antibacterial agent in the body. If you have a cold and you are looking to feel better, or you want to reduce acne, grapefruit oil is a potent and useful oil to use.
  • Ease a hangover – does the perfect hangover cure exist? Probably not. However, grapefruit oil has a natural ability to energise the body as well as stimulate the gall bladder to detox the body after a night on the town. Adding some to your drinking water can ease your pain and grogginess to no end. 

Orange Essential Oil

To carry on with our citrus theme, another essential oil that can offer a lot of health benefits is orange oil. A sweeter cousin to grapefruit and lemon, orange is a popular choice for health needs and it provides many great benefits to the body.

  • Vitamin C- an obvious benefit of orange oil is the high level of vitamin C it contains. Vitamin C is great for the skin and the body, and ingesting orange oil is a great way to increase your vitamin C content.
  • Heal mouth ulcers – One handy way to heal a mouth ulcer is to rub orange oil over the infected area a few times a day. It will sting a little however this can be an effective way to naturally eradicate ulcers. Similarly, it can be used to treat ulcerative colitis which can be effectively treated by getting a Pentasa discount.
  • Wound disinfectant – Disinfecting a wound is always a little painful however it is crucial if you are to avoid infection and further issues. To naturally disinfect a wound at home, drip orange oil into a wound after it has stopped bleeding and then wrap with a bandage. This is an effective method to make sure that the wound is sterile and safe.
  • Anti-aging – Vitamin C performs an essential job in the body of producing collagen, and in turn, collagen can improve the elasticity of the skin and make it appear more youthful. If you need an anti-again boost, taking orange oil can be a great way to do this. 

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