Store Cupboard Essentials For a Dairy and Refined Sugar-Free Diet

There, I’m at at again, talking about my ‘journey’ to being healthier. Again, please slap me for calling it a journey! But it is a bit of a voyage of discovery eating a dairy and refined sugar-free diet. Having PCOS means making lots of different changes in my lifestyle. I want to reduce the symptoms of it, and feel healthier. One of the most proven ways to do that is by changing what I eat. I have been pretty strict with myself most of the time, it just takes a bit of organisation. I am feeling much better for it, though!

I find that if I have everything in the house that I need, then I am much less likely to snack on things that I shouldn’t. Sometimes I wish the whole house were eating the way I am, as it would make things easier. But there isn’t much chance of that happening. So I just have to be organised and disciplined.


If I can whip up some sugar and dairy-free chocolate, cookie or energy bites, then it means I can have something sweet, without reaching for a sugar laden chocolate bar. So I always make sure that I have certain ingredients in the house. I have had a lot of people ask me if it is an expensive way of eating. I’m not going to lie, getting these types of ingredients are expensive we you buy them all at once. But if you buy in bulk, then it really does make a difference. Plus, everything runs out at different times, so you can just replace as and when. A 1kg bag of chia seeds is going to last much longer than a 1kg bag of oats, for example.

I make sure that I always have the following in at home:


  • Nut Butter

    • Literally one of my favourite things on the planet. I tend to get 1kg tubs of Meridian almond butter from Costco and it lasts me several months. I mix it up with smaller tubs of natural peanut butter and cashew butter too.
  • Coconut Oil

    • This can be a little pricey, so buying in big tubs is best. I use it in baking, as well as for frying or roasting. You can use it on your hair and skin too.
  • Almonds and Cashews

    • Having nuts in the house is always a good idea. It works as a snack, topping for overnight oats or porridge, as well as for making my own nut milk. Again; these are best to be bought in bulk.
  • Grains

    • I always have gluten free grains in the house, like gluten-free rolled oats and quinoa. I like to have buckwheat in the house too. You can blend it to make a flour, as well as soaking for breakfast.
  • Superfoods

    • These are probably the most expensive ingredients, but they don’t get used up very quickly. I always have chia seeds, goji berries, cacao, mac powder and bee pollen in the house. They are great for refined sugar-free baking, as well as using as toppings on other foods.
  • Sweeteners

    • Natural sweeteners are great to have in. They hit the spot when you are making some sugar-free treats. I like to have medjool dates in, as well as maple syrup. These are great bought in bulk from Amazon or Costco too.

Hope this has been helpful. Are there any things that you always have in the house?

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