The Top Things to Consider When Planning a Party or Event

Planning a party or event, even a small one, can be quite a daunting task. There are people to please and you’ll want everything to run smoothly. We all remember those events that we’ve been to that weren’t very good, don’t we? So maybe it is just me and my innate need to please people, but I like things to go well. So here are some top tips for planning an event, whether it be a child’s birthday party to a large corporate event.


Know Your Audience

Depending on the type of event that you are going to hold, as well as the brand, for example, will depend on who you need to invite. Would it be suitable for anyone, or will it be for quite specific people? When you know who that will be, you can start planning according to their needs. You might even consider a professional event management company like Reed and Mackay, to guide you through the planning process if it is quite specific and you’d like a helping hand. When you are quite specific, it helps to make your event perfect for your audience. You don’t want people turning up and have them wondering why they were even invited.

Location Location Location

Where you choose to hold your event is pretty key. It can make or break the event in a lot of cases. A lot of us can worry about how people are going to get there, if it is somewhere a little further out. But that kind of thing can be dealt with later on. It is important to secure the chosen location fairly on and then you can work everything else around it. You might be planning a bit of an away day somewhere else, like the thriving business centre of the UK that is London. If so, you might consider somewhere like One Events to help you plan your event. If you aren’t based in London, then they’d be able to help arrange some great locations, depending on your requirements.

Getting Out the Invites

Nothing is worse that you trying all different methods to let people know about something, only for them to report back that they didn’t know it was going on. In most sectors, people tend to report back that they prefer to use email. They can schedule events in their calendar or flag the email in their inbox. Social media or snail mail could be good ideas. But they have the chance of getting lost when people are at home. If they’re on their email, then they’re in work mode and amuck likely to schedule in an event or party. Nothing wrong with sending out a reminder around a week or so before too.

Gifts or Giveaway

People will come to expect something in return. Perhaps ‘expect’ is the wrong word. But they will appreciate receiving a gift or there being a giveaway of some sort at the event. Depending on who you are working with and your brand, you might have an existing product that you could giveaway. You could also look to get a sponsor for the giveaway or bag of goodies at the end of the day. If there are going to be a large number of people there, then it can be a selling point for any potential sponsors. If not, just look at what budget you might have available for gifting and work around that.

Debrief and Review

After any event it is always a good idea to have a debrief. You want to discuss with those that helped plan it what went well. You also want to talk about the things that could have been improved. Then you can move forward when planning events next time and get it just right.

Have you got any events planned soon? Good luck if you do!


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