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Having healthy family meals is something that I really try to do. I’m not going to lie, the odd pizza finds itself into the shopping trolley. But generally, I cook meals from scratch and we do limit some unhealthier food like refined sugar, saturated fats, and too much dairy. But sometimes, after a busy day running around after the kids, working, and going to after school clubs, the last thing I want to do is to cook a recipe that is going to take an hour or so. So I do love quick and healthy clean eating meal options too.

Everdine is a company that I came across recently who do clean eating meal deliveries. The food is prepared and boxed, and comes frozen. So you can keep them in the freezer, and then just get the meals out as and when you need them. This sounded like heaven to me! But were they just like your standard freezer meals that you find in the supermarket?



They really weren’t like a standard freezer microwave meal! First of all, you can cook them in the oven if you want to. It takes longer, but I do know quite a few people that don’t use microwave. Second of all, they don’t come in plastic packaging. There is a plastic film that you peel off, but the rest of the box is made from card, so you’re not microwaving your food with a load of plastic around it.

The third thing that I was impressed with was the portion size. My husband eats some pretty big portions (but never gains any weight – literally the most annoying person in the world). And most of the time, meals like this are not enough for him. But we were both pleasantly surprised by the portion sizes of the meals. Don’t get me wrong they’re not ginormous, but the kids would share a meal, with the husband and I having one each, and they filled us. Whole foods are much more filling too, so a winner all round.



The ordering process is online and all really simple. You can choose how many meals you want, from 8 to 12, and what kind; meaty or vegetarian. You can then select what meals you want out of the range – there were a lot to choose from. I chose half vegetarian and half meat based dishes. They were:

  • Spiced Lentil Chilli
  • Cajun Blackened Salmon
  • Cherry & Hoisin Duck with Wilted spring Greens
  • Rainbow Vegetable Pad Thai
  • Paneer & Sweet Potato Kofte Biriyani
  • BBQ Pulled Pork with Boston Beans
  • Coconut Katsu Chicken
  • Chickpea & Vegetable Tagine

So as you can see, there is a massive variety of meals to choose from, and this was only 8 of the options. So there are plenty of options for everyone. Some meals would even be suitable for vegans, as there are some vegetarian meals without egg or dairy for instance, but you’d have to check on those first.

Each meal comes in at around £6 (or just over). Which isn’t too ridiculous really. For one of these each evening for a week, it would be around £45. I spend around £80 on our weekly shop, including things like lunches and breakfast etc. So I don’t think the price is too bad, though it isn’t something I would do each week.

the pulled pork and boston beans meal featured here

Overall, I think the best thing is that the meals arrive to you frozen. You can just take them out of the freezer as and when you want them. So I think ordering a delivery a month could help for those times when you just don’t want to cook. But you’ve got the reassurance that you’ll be having a healthy meal, rather than junk food. Perfect for those with new babies or young children was my immediate thought as it is such a time saver. You can stop or freeze your membership at any time too, so no pressure to keep ordering if you don’t want to.

The whole family really enjoyed the meals, they tasted good and filled us up; I will definitely be ordering again. I think once a month or so is a good way to keep the freezer stocked up with good food. Have you ever heard of or tried Everdine before?

If you want to give Everdine a try, then you can get £25 off your first order, by using this link: https://www.everdine.co.uk/your-curated-meal-plan-is-here/tornado

Rebecca x*I was invited to test Everdine’s service thanks to a company called Tornado. All opinions are my own.

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