Everything a Bathroom Needs for Your Next Renovation

tempted to change them again and again, or even look for a new home that has a better bathroom than the one you had previously. A good bathroom is one that is comfortable and comforting to be in. It’s where you can enjoy a hot shower or bath after a long day, or just spend time dressing up before heading off on a date. 

Your bathroom is far more integral to your living quality than many people realize, so it can be a good idea to make sure that you have things in the bathroom that are going to functional, but also luxurious. Anything from modern shower cubicles to heated towel rails can make a difference. Here are some more luxury features to think about.

Top Bathroom Features

These features are all wonderful to have. Some aren’t essential, others are, so prioritize the ones that help keep your bathroom dry and warm and then add on the rest of the luxury edits as you can. 

  1. Heated Flooring 

Heated flooring is a luxury item, yes, but if you can afford it you can forget jumping from one bath mat to the next in a bid to not freeze your feet on the floor below. 

2. Beautiful Storage Solutions 

Bathrooms need storage for cleaning supplies, bath and shower supplies, towels, and so much more. They are a functional space that needs a lot of accessories to keep clean and stocked, so having beautiful storage solutions that make it easy to access these items and keep them either out of the way or beautifully displayed is a must.

3. Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation 

This option is non-negotiable. Without installing a great ventilation system, mold will build up and you will need to do some really difficult TLC. Mold will build up in the corners, in the grout, and will generally feel damp. For those without good ventilation, the only option is to open a window, which in winter is not a great option.

4. Towel Warmers 

Towel warmers are a great way to heat your bathroom and make those towels nice and toasty when you get out of the shower. 

5. Mirror Defoggers 

Another luxury addition that should definitely be considered are mirror defoggers, so you can immediately start using your mirror the moment you get out of the shower, instead of waiting for them to clear up. 

Top Bathroom Designs 

The above features are great options to have in a bathroom, but they aren’t the only considerations to have. Work with professionals to create the perfect bathroom design depending on whether you want a standing shower, a wet room, shower tub, jacuzzi tub, or any other elements. They will work with the space you have to help you design the perfect space for your home. 

Your bathroom can be a spa getaway, or it can be a cramped cold place where you suffer while you get clean. By investing in your bathroom you can capture that luxury getaway every time you have a shower or a bath, and with so many great modern features to choose from, you can easily pick the ones that suit your lifestyle best.

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  • My aunt is having a hard time with her bathroom being super spread out and she wants to make sure that she can work a lot safer and have fewer problems when trying to get out of the shower. She would really like to get a professional to help her so that all the water will go to the right places and there will be a decreased chance for water damage. I liked what you said about how she can get a heater for her towels and her storage system should keep things hidden away and she can get some cabinets on the top.

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