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I have tried the meal replacement shakes, meals and bars from Exante before and have been really happy with the results. I was recently invited to try out some of the new range that they have so was keen to see how they tasted and if the results would be the same.

What I like About Exante:

~ The food comes in quick to consume packets. Just add water or a few minutes in the microwave, which is nice and easy for me being a busy working parent.

~ There is a large variety of flavours and ‘meals’ to choose from. There are lots of different flavoured shakes and the hot meals vary from sweet and sour to moussaka and soups.

~ I think the price is really reasonable. Each shake is around £1.50 and there are lots of offers on the website if you buy certain things or order a 4 week pack, for example.

~ It is easy to fit into your life as it is quick, doesn’t need any fancy ingredients and it is all easy to prepare.

~ Proven weight loss and it all happens relatively quickly.

~ You don’t have to calorie count as it is all done for you – this is most useful for me.

~ You can use it for weight control, and just have one of the meals per day, as you know how many calories you are having or you can do a complete weight loss plan by having one of the meals, 3 times a day. This could be done everyday for a month or for a 5:2 style diet where you have these on the ‘fasting’ days.

~ I also liked that the food all comes with added vitamins and minerals so you always get the right amount of what you need.

The products I have been trying out are:

  • Strawberry Shake – this shake is absolutely lovely, very nice flavour and consistency. Strawberry milkshake isn’t necessarily my first choice for a shake, I would normally opt for chocolate or vanilla options, but I was very pleased with this shake and would definitely have it again.
  • Salted Caramel Pudding – You need something sweet when losing weight and this was a really nice treat and satisfied those sweet cravings that I get. You can leave it for longer in the microwave if you prefer a thicker consistency.
  • Sausage Mix – I enjoyed the sausage mix and they tasted very ‘real’. The negative with it though is that it wasn’t very much. I only managed to make 1 sausage from it and it looks a bit sad on a plate knowing that that is your meal. It tasted good though.
  • Double Chocolate Bar – chocolatey and chewy – the best! Tasted really good. I felt like I was cheating a little bit but it is all calorie controlled so all good. Perfect when you are craving a choccy fix.
  • Lemon & Yoghurt Bar – it has a refreshing lemon taste and the crunchy crispy bar made it satisfying and filling. I would have this one again.
  • Chocolate Orange Bar – a chunky, filling bar and tastes good – almost like jaffa cakes. There is a little bit of a lingering after taste with it but it wasn’t bad, just something to note.
  • White Chocolate & Raspberry Shake – really liked this. It is quite a subtle flavour, particularly for the raspberry element, but I really enjoyed it. A nice change to the usual shake flavours such as vanilla or banana.

The Results:

After using these products during the week, having two per day, and a balanced evening meal, I lost 5lbs – can’t argue with that!

Final Thoughts:

Well, I can’t argue with the results! It does work and you can see why. I am always made so aware of how much I mindlessly snack when I really watch what I eat as I will just wander to the fridge and I’m not even hungry. You would need to pick what works best for you in terms of the products – I like that there are meal options and not just shakes, as sometimes you just want to chew something. So if you know that you don’t like just having shakes, then you don’t need to get any. I would usually have those ones for breakfast though as they are quick and fit in my schedule better.

I’m not going to lie, I did feel a little hungry to start with (see my point about the mindless snacking again), but once your body gets use to it it is fine. Drinking lots of water is important too though and really helps to keep you feeling satisfied and full. Would I recommend it? Yes I would. I think the products taste good which is important and it is a really easy diet to follow and fit into your life. I find that if I don’t need to think about what I’m eating when trying to lose weight, it is so much easier.

Rebecca x

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*I was supplied with the products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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