Unmissable Experiences in Norway

Norway is one of those destinations that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. The combination of its rugged beauty, exciting attractions and friendly countrymen make it one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and somewhere where you can have endless unmissable experiences that you’ll treasure forever.

Take a look at these fun things you can do on vacation in Norway:

Kirkenes’ Snow Hotel


Where better to stay on your Norwegian adventure than the Kirkenes Snow Hotel. Only available in winter, this stunningly beautiful hotel is made completely out of local snow and ice. You are kept warm with arctic sleeping bags, and you can spend your evenings having a drink or two art the Snow bar, which – yes, you’ve guessed it – is also made out of snow.

Visit the North Cape

The North Cape be the best attraction in the whole of Norway, and the fact that 250,000 people flock there each summer seems to suggest that most people agree. What is so spectacular about this destination is the awe-inspiring views you are able to take in when you’re perched on top of the cliff, which is located at the North’s end.

See the Changing of the Royal Guard

If you go to Norway’s capital, Oslo, in the summer, take the time to visit the Royal Palace between 1.30 and 2.10 pm and you will be treated to the spectacle that is the changing of the Royal Guard and the procession of the country’s military band and mounted policemen through the city’s streets.

The Geirangerfjord in Norway



If you love pretty waterfalls, rugged cliffs, and outdoor pursuits, you absolutely must take one of the many cruises in Norway that go along the Geirangerfjord. As well as seeing nature in all her stunning beauty, you can participate in fishing, hiking, and kayaking in the heart of the country.

Visit Lillehammer

Lillehammer is one of the most recognizable towns in Norway, thanks to the fact that it played host to the Winter Olympics back in 1994 and because of a US TV show that is based in the area, but it is a beautiful destination in its own right. If you want to relax in nature Lillehammer, with its beautiful Lake Mjøsa is a great place to picnic, walk and spend a day boating.

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump


Visiting Norway and not strapping on your skis is a wasted opportunity. While you’re there, make an effort to travel to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, where you can find out more about the history of skiing, try out the sport for yourself and witness spectacular views of the fjord that surrounds the extremely popular tourist attraction.

Chase the Northern Lights

Thanks to its position, Norway’s is one of the best places on the planet to see the aurora borealis in all its glory. If you don’t want to miss out on nature’s own firework display, it is best to hire a local guide, who will know all of the best places to catch a glimpse.

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