Exploring Indonesia: What To Pack

Indonesia is a travellers paradise, and is fast becoming one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world. Indonesia boasts a whopping 17,000 islands, home to 246 million people, with over 500 languages and countless cultures and customs. Not only that but the country has an incredibly diverse landscape, innumerable wildlife hotspots, meaning backpackers would be foolish to miss Indonesia off their travel itinerary. If you don’t know where to start with your Indonesian adventure, you could check out G Adventures who can cater for your every travelling need.

You’re all booked up and the next thing to consider is what to take and what to leave behind when exploring such a diverse country: Here are the packing essentials for your adventure:


Indonesia boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are backpacking then packing light is essential. 2 swimsuits should be enough, so one can be drying out while you’re wearing the other one.


A good pair of walking shoes is a must. There are countless hikes, treks, and sights to behold. If you are planning to make the most of your time in Indonesia you need to have comfortable and sturdy shoes. Biopod insoles will mean that your feet will be the least of your worries as you explore. Don’t forget your flip flops or sandals too!


You will undoubtedly make plenty of memories travelling through Indonesia, and you will want to capture them the best you can. Smartphones make it easier than ever to capture moments on the go, but a high quality camera will be able to do those moments justice when your words aren’t enough.

Cover Yourself

Although you need to pack light, it’s important you pack some modest options too. if you plan on visiting some of Indonesia’s cultural sites, local custom and beliefs mean you’ll need something for your shoulders and down below your knees.

Travel Insurance

Your time in Indonesia will be a whirlwind of adventure, and although injuries are unlikely they can still happen. Whether you break a limb while trekking, or come down with an illness, you face the possibility of some hefty medical bills. Travel Insurance is not very expensive and can give you peace of mind should you fall into trouble.

Bug Spray

This is one of the absolute essentials. Buy a bottle of good quality insect repellant and use it regularly, not only re mosquito bites unsightly and agonisingly itchy but they are also notorious for spreading illness and disease. Stay safe and make sure you take effective bug spray everywhere you go.

Travel Bag

Travelling from place to place, your bags will be thrown around quite a bit so it’s worth investing in high quality luggage that can stand a good punch and lock securely. A waterproof, durable and supportive backpack is a must. Plus, if you are going to be moving home at any point with the help of movers like https://www.mybekins.com, you are likely to need a large travel bag to help you on moving day; you can find so many uses for a good travel bag on vacation or not.

Forget Your Towel

A beach towel takes up so much room, there is no need to waste all that space and weight in your luggage. You will likely have one where you are staying, if not you can buy one when you are out there for very cheap.

Remember to really try your best not to overpack! It can get very hot in Indonesia, which means for the most part you’ll be wearing light clothes or a swimsuit every day. Pack the essentials, but ensure you pack light.

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