Exciting Exteriors – Upgrade Your Outside Spaces

The first thing that people see when they come to your house is the front facade. The approach to your front door should be welcoming, well-lit, and clearly defined. When the time comes for this part of your home to be upgraded, there are plenty of choices. But before you decide on colours for the door, which vinyl fence company to use or flowers for the path beds, have a think about the back of your house too. After all, this could be your showpiece entertaining space!



Choosing flowers for your beds is much easier than you think. First, consider the colour scheme that you want. A little bit of everything is bright and fun, but if you want a designer garden, it’s best to choose a theme. The next thing you need to do is consider the blooming times. You’ll need flowers that will show all year round. Most spring blooms last only a week or two. What will you get that will fill in the rest of the time?

To Mow Or Not To Mow

Artificial grass has become very popular because it looks real and neat. There is no mowing, weeds or mud to worry about. However, artificial grass is not as environmentally friendly as the real thing. Sure, it cuts down on those seasonal sneezes, but it won’t be doing your insect habitats any good. Yes, mowing can be a nuisance, but it’s just a few minutes once or twice a fortnight.

Water Feature

This is best kept at the back of your house. You’ll need a pump to keep the water flowing and healthy. Pond liners are essential for any pond regardless of what you keep in there. A well-kept water feature can be very attractive and could become the most popular part of your garden. Keep children and pet safe with netting and gating as required.


A clean, well-maintained path is essential for any approach to the house. You may also need one from your rear gate to the back door. Choose composite materials for extra colour options and durability. Tarmac and paving slabs have lost favour, but this means they can be installed much more cheaply than some other choices.


Lighting the path and the exterior of your property goes far beyond safety and security. It can feel very welcoming and make the property appear far more attractive. Best of all, you can illuminate all those garden features you’ve worked so hard to create. It also means you can enjoy your garden party after dusk.


Many people choose to render and paint the exterior of their homes. This looks better than some old brick styles, and can often provide protection to the structure of the property. All you need to do is pick the best colour to suit your tastes. Railing and fencing also need to be painted or stained quite frequently to keep it looking fresh. This too helps to protect them, so they stay strong for longer.

Just a few of these touches can make a big difference to the appearance of your exteriors. They’re not big jobs, and you could do some of them yourself. Enjoy your home.

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  • Great post Rebecca. If you want to conserve water in your garden you should opt for native flowers and install synthetic grass. Native flowers can survive on the amount of rain your area recieves and obviously fake grass needs no water. Another great them for your garden is a pollinator garden. If you get plants like pentas, milkweed, and salvia, you’ll attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

  • I highly agree that well-maintained paving would add appeal to a good looking pathway to the porch. My wife and I plan to maintain our lawn and we will make this our priority. We better call a commercial asphalt paving contractor so we could start right away.

  • I’ve been planning to have a fence installed in my backyard for privacy purposes; that’s why I’m currently looking for a fence contractor. I’m glad you shared this; I’ll make sure to install a pond liner in my pond to keep the water flowing and healthy. I’d also keep in mind to add lighting features in my garden area so it’ll appear more attractive.