Extra Living Space: A Guide to Loft Conversions

If you are the head of a growing family and you have decided you need more living space, there are numerous options open to you. One choice would be to build a brick-and-mortar extension at the rear or one side of the building, another would be to buy a modular unit and situate it somewhere in the garden, the other attractive option is to turn the empty space in the attic into a usable room. 

The many benefits of a loft conversion

If you have a gabled roof, your home is suitable for loft conversion and here are some of the benefits that come with converting your loft into living space. 

● Planning permission is not required – Providing you are not adding to the physical dimensions of the building, there is no need to ask the state government for permission to go ahead with the project.

● Multiple uses – Once the project has been completed, you can use the space as an extra bedroom, a study room for the kids, a man cave or even a home office. If you call in a local plumber in Wollongong, he can connect the loft for an en-suite bathroom, which is the ultimate in luxury.

● Choosing a local builder – Of course, you want a builder with extensive loft conversion experience; search online and invite several contractors to quote for the project. In order to quote, the builder would need to know many things; what materials, fixtures and fittings are to be used; if you have a budget, the builder can work to that. If you would like to have a Japanese garden, click here.

● Cost-effective – A loft conversion is the cheapest way to gain extra living space; the reason being that the loft is already part of the structure; simply install a floor, clad the walls and ceiling and you have your new living space. Compared to building an extension, a loft conversion is much cheaper, plus it boosts the value of your home considerably.

The builder would use an in-house architect to design your loft space and working with him would lead to a layout that is perfectly suited to your intended use. Your choice of materials matters and with the builder’s advice, the right mix ban be achieved to create the perfect ambience.

Clean & renewable energy

Perhaps a loft conversion is the perfect time to install solar panels and disconnect from the National Grid? The Australian government offers home and business owners financial incentives if they make the switch to solar power; the goal is to eradicate all fossil-fuel power stations by 2030, which is the best way to reduce carbon emissions. 

Once you have decided on a budget, contact a few local builders and see what they have to offer; home improvements are their bread and butter and once they have all proposed their plan, you can make an informed decision.

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