Extraordinary Moments at Bedtime

This is an advertorial post in collaboration with Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk.

Now that Max is at school, it is just Chloe and I during the day. I remember having these one-on-one days with Max way before Chloe was born and they were so special. So until September, Chloe and I had never really spent much time just the two of us. Now she is two, it is fun to spend time with her as her sassy little personality comes out. She is hilarious and such fun to be around (when she isn’t throwing a strop)!

Chloe likes to make me meals with her little wooden kitchen and we like taking trips to the park and racing around. One thing we do like to do is make dens on my bed. It started out as a way of getting her to nap but then with little miss defiant it, of course, ended up being more of a game. So it is something that we do quite a lot. Just an ordinary thing that brings a lot of laughter and fun (but sadly no naps).


I have taken a few photos over time of us making these ‘duvet dens’. And recently I came across part of the Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk website to make storybook videos out of some of the normal things that we do with our toddlers. I was thrilled when I found that you just upload one picture and then we you can create a secret den video. You can input your child’s name, as well as yours, and then they do the rest and you get a video emailed over to you.

Chloe loves a selfie (ah, 21st century kids) so seeing herself in the video storybook was quite exciting for her. She just kept pointing at the screen and saying her name. Really cute. We have been watching the video as part of Chloe’s bedtime routine too. Mr U commutes into London so he gets back just as I start getting the kids to bed. So it has been fun for him to see the video and see what we have been getting up to. Chloe is excited to show daddy herself in the little video too.

I think it would be fun to try out a few of the different stories that they have and create some other adventures. I like how it makes the ordinary moments that we do each day just that bit extraordinary. I know it is important to embrace these days with little ones. It can be hard but celebrating these little ordinary things we do does make a difference.

If you want to make a story for your little one to enjoy at bedtime, then just head over to the Extraordinary Moments Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk site. What are some of your favourite ‘ordinary’ things that you like to do with your little ones?


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