Extreme Makeover – Home Edition…

Let me introduce you to our new home! Well, new to us anyway. It is the first house we have bought and it’s in a lovely village in Surrey. Since we moved to Surrey I have wanted to live in this area – it’s close to London, but still in leafy Surrey and close to lots of things.
We have a 3 bed semi-detached house and it is a 1950’s house. The person we bought it off, has been the only owner since it was built and brought up his family there, so needless to say there is quite a bit of work to do!  The previous owners daughters had left us cards and notes saying that they hoped we had such a lovely time like they all had, it was so nice of them to leave us notes and the history of the house, I did get a little teary. (All the stress and mess of moving must have got a little bit too much for me!).
We have been really blessed to be able to live here and we have had some help from our parents to get the house into shape as quickly as possible. My dad has been a huge help and has taken time out from work to come and help us. He has rewired the house for us which has been fantastic. The whole house needs to be redecorated and we are going to have a new kitchen and bathroom fitted – so a lot of work, but we are having some fun along the way (and lots of stress – being a bit of a ‘Monica’ isn’t ideal when you are living in a building site lol). So watch this space for updates and more pictures – I think Homebase and decorating stores will become our second home!

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