Striking Centrepieces: Eye-catching Decor Trends of 2020

So, once again we find ourselves living slap-bangin the middle of a brand new decade. And with a new expanse of time ahead of us, comesoutstanding opportunities to set the standard for trends in everything from fashion, to fashionable furniture. But what’s in, in the home, right now? When it comes to decor and interior design, you’re in for a genuine treat at the start of the new 20s.

New decade, new freedoms

Published on Forbes, writer and podcaster Amanda Lauren unleashes the delightfully opportune news that in 2020 – absolutely anything goes in interior design. ‘True authenticity’, she states, is what it’s all about from here on in. Creating original spaces that resonate individuality and personal character is a contemporary trend all of its own. With homeowners subsequently free to do as they please with their interiors, if there’s been a quirky item or look you’ve longed for – but never had the guts to implement in your interior – this year is the time to do it.

Mass effect

While you can guarantee that minimalism, in some form, will still be a thing this year, and the next, and for many to come, don’t you ever get sick of it? In stark contrast to this stripped-back, sometimes stark look, have you ever considered the exact opposite – maximalism? For every neutral wall, think animal print, and for each dull surface, think glowing and lively. Naturally, overloading any room with colour, texture, and finish is a tricky one to pull off – but if you get it right you’ll have a room oozing with individuality. Crystal ceiling lights are worth checking out if you’re going to challenge yourself to taking on this trend, which can be a tricky one to pull off effectively – but jaw-droppingly satisfying when you get it just right. 

Antiques aplenty

Over on Vogue, collections of timeless pieces get a big thumbs up as we enter the new year. With sustainability a trend that’s permeating practically every aspect of modern life, younger people in particular are turning to older pieces of furniture,over mass-produced modern furnishings. This taps right into the ‘anything goes’ philosophy, above, but also ensures that we are leaning towards reuse, rather than over-use, as an ethos. Along with reclaimed materials, you can expect to see a high number of antique centrepiece items pop up in homes all over the country.

The return of Chintz

Along a similar theme, reports on the resurgence of Chintz in home decor. If you missed this trend the last time it was around, Chintz is essentially the use of traditional patterns set against light backgrounds. However, when incorporated amidst contemporary furniture, these patterns become eye-catching additions to any home. Adding classic twists to modern living, Chintz decor is also widely available at a reasonable cost. Be wary though, for now Chintzsits firmly in the category of ‘trend’, so is unlikely to last – something to seriously heed if you’re one of the many looking to live more sustainably this yearand beyond.

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  • I agree with the new sustainability trend, in my case I prefer handmade furniture and not manufactured in large industries, they can also be manufactured with environmentally friendly materials. No doubt this type of decoration will be the basis of the new decade.