Eye Conditions and Methods To Lower Eye Inflammation

We never really appreciate our eyesight, until we experience something that reminds us not to take it for granted. This can come in the form of a disease, skin condition, inflammation, injury or irritant. All of these things make us take better care of our eyes but why should you wait until one of them happens to you? Taking better care of your eyes, to begin with, should be your modus operandi. Yet, we would all like to know how we can treat our eyes should something untoward happen. So, here is how you can lower inflammation which pretty much, slows or halts things from getting worse or more painful.

In the middle

Uveitis is quite a violent inflammation that occurs right in the middle of the eyeball. It can be caused by an injury to the eye or from a number of diseases. Uveitis occurs in the middle layer of the eyeball which affects the ciliary, body, choroid and iris. Symptoms are, the eye becoming red around the edges and especially near your eye duct. The eyelid and surrounding soft tissue will swell up and your eye may half-close on its own. Blurry vision and pain that feels like it’s coming from behind the eye are also common. Go to your doctor who should prescribe eye droplets. He or she may also want to remove the gel-like substance that builds up on the eye. Place a warm cloth over the eye which should soothe the pain and calm the inflammation. Do not look directly at any light and wear dark glasses or sunglasses if you have a pair.


Back to front

Glaucoma is quite an upsetting disease which many people find confusing. The issue is, fluid builds up in the front part of the eye, which in turn puts pressure on the optical nerve. The extra fluid effectively pushes the eye back and slowly but surely, will compress the optical nerve, which can lead to blindness. One of the at-home treatments is CBG oil which has been shown to help those that suffer from glaucoma. It dilates the blood vessels which expands them around the eye, essentially preventing the tissue from contracting. This lowers the pressure on the area and relieves some of the pain. The oil is also known to have neuroprotective effects, allowing your brain to respond to the disease in a better, less erratic manner. Eye drops help to reduce the pressure but ultimately, your doctor will recommend a more permanent solution. 

Pink contagion

Conjunctivitis is a viral infection that mostly affects babies and those that have had an allergic reaction to something such as pollen or bacteria wiped on the eye. Known as a pink eye for the obvious physical aesthetic it causes, you can treat it by changing your pillowcases, washing your hands before touching your eye, stop using makeup for your eyes and wipe away the discharge from the ducks, with a clean dry towel. Taking tablet medication is possible but it generally goes away on its own if you keep up with good hygiene.

Inflammation is something that is natural as it’s our body’s response to disease and infection. However, it can be painful if prolonged so use these methods if you need to control and mitigate inflammation in your eye.

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