Fact or Fiction: 3 Common Myths about Tinnitus

Approximately 50 million American suffer from Tinnitus. This is a staggering number for a condition that is still widely misunderstood by most people, including those that are experiencing this condition. Tinnitus is simply the perception of sound when there is no sound. For many people this manifests as ringing, whistling, buzzing or some other sound in the ear. This condition can range from being extremely annoying to absolutely debilitating. Here are three common myths about Tinnitus that you can learn more about.

I am Not at Risk for Tinnitus Because I Don’t Listen to Loud Music

Continuously listening to loud music or being exposed to some other loud environment will damage your hearing over time and lead to Tinnitus. Tinnitus can affect anyone, however, and it doesn’t always have an obvious cause. High blood pressure, allergies, and diabetes can all contribute to a person experiencing Tinnitus. Ears can become blocked with wax or other debris, and this can cause the ringing sensation in the year. Smoking is another activity that can have a negative impact on hearing and cause Tinnitus to occur. Having particularly high-stress levels can be another cause, but it is very difficult to pinpoint the one thing that might cause a person to experience Tinnitus. Some precautions that you can take care to avoid activities like smoking, wear ear protection when possible for anything that is going to cause loud noises, and get regular checkups that include hearing exams.

There are Prescription Pills that can Cure Tinnitus

This seems to be a go-to move for many people when something is going wrong. Head to the doctor and get a prescription to clear up whatever the issue is. While it is great to have access to modern medicine, there isn’t anything that has been proven to help with Tinnitus. There has been a great deal of research done on medications and vitamins, and nothing of note has ever been discovered. There are ways to manage the symptoms of Tinnitus, and these include making changes to eating and exercise habits, doing sound therapy and managing stress in a more effective way. Hearing aids are another option and it is a good idea to do a comparison of the various options before buying a set.

Tinnitus is All in Your Head

Tinnitus is not something that can be seen, as there are no physical signs of the condition. This can lead people to feel that maybe the ringing is just in their head. After all, the people around you can’t hear the ringing, can they? This feeling can cause a great deal of anxiety, and make people feel a great sense of panic. When you are experiencing Tinnitus, it is a good idea to seek out an audiologist to get some professional help. If they recommend hearing aids, Blue Angels Hearing is one of the more popular brands that delivers directly to your home. You can also try some of the management techniques discussed earlier in the article. The bottom line is that this is a real condition that can be managed if approached the proper way.

Tinnitus is something that affects millions of people. It is not a condition that is widely discussed, because many people still don’t quite understand what it is. Having a basic knowledge of Tinnitus is a good start down the road of finding some treatments that can lessen the symptoms. Make sure if you are experiencing this condition that you take the time to speak to a qualified professional and get the assistance you need.

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