Fall Back in Love with Your Garden this Summer

The summer is here!

There are many great things to love about the warmer months. One of the most obvious is that the garden is no longer off limits. After months of neglect, it can now become a favourite part of the home once more, thought the thought of it can be quite daunting at first – I’m definitely a reluctant gardener.

Evenings spent lounging around in the cool breeze are heaven. Before that, though, there is the little matter of restoring the garden back to its sparkling best. It can be a daunting prospect, but the rewards justify the means. Once you’ve completed the process, you can begin to fall in love with the garden all over again.

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In most cases, the main thing it needs is a little TLC. Gardening isn’t necessarily the most fun activity in the world but it can be rewarding, especially if you use it as a way to keep your young ones entertained. Add a little fun to the equation and you should be just fine.

If you are blessed with a young family then one of the main beauties of the garden is it gets them away from their laptops, video games and TV shows. Give them a project like growing their own vegetables and it should encourage them to enjoy the outdoors all summer long. You could also set up a swing ball set as another form of entertainment during the extended school holiday period. Alternatively, if you’ve got the room then get a cheap but sturdy trampoline to really reduce the risk of losing them to their electronic gadgets.

And don’t lie, we all know you want a little go too!

The joys of the garden aren’t exclusive to kids, though. You should be allowed to enjoy it too. One way to do that is transforming it into the perfect summer evening getaway. Going out after a hard day’s work can be a drag. This way, you can enjoy the relaxation without the hassle of travelling back home afterwards. Better still, if you make it appealing then it can be great social hub for summer gatherings and BBQs to enjoy with your friends and family too.

We all love having something new in our lives and a decking area is the perfect way to transform a boring garden into one that the whole family will enjoy. It will make a great dining area throughout the summer months. If combined with Hinkley Outdoor Lighting, it can also be the perfect place for evening entertainment too.

The garden is a great place to distress and feel at one with Mother Nature so it’s best to keep things relatively fresh and uncluttered. Keep the grass cut and accessories hidden away in the shed for maximum relaxation on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Perfection.

Spending time in the garden might not sound that amazing but it is one of life’s little luxuries and you’ll certainly miss it when winter arrives. Get yours up to scratch now and enjoy the benefits throughout those long summer days and nights.

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  • I agree completely. I love our garden and have felt a bit fed up lately that the weather hasn’t been good enough to get out there. We love having the french doors open and getting out there for a few hours. Yours looks lovely – that pink flower is beautiful! Thanks for linking up lovely – Jess x #HomeEtc

  • I must say like you I love re discovering our garden at this time of the year. We spend so much time out there in the summer and I hate when it looks so tired and unloved during the winter months x

  • We love our garden, it’s hard work to maintain at times but so worth it.

    You are right about finding something for children – we recently dug a little vegetable patch for the kiddies and they’ve really enjoyed looking after it (my son mainly as my daughter still thinks it’s acceptable to try and stomp on it)