3 Tips For a Stylish But Practical Family Bathroom Design

In an ideal world, we’d have a separate en suite for the ‘grown-ups’ on the house, with a complete separate bathroom for the children at home, right? But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anything like that is going to be happening in our home anytime soon. Likewise, for most people this isn’t going to be a reality. So you need a family bathroom at home that will be suitable for everyone and meet the needs of all family members, as well as have space for more than one person in there at a time.

But with a few tips and tricks, some clever storage ideas, and a perfect colour palette, you can make the bathroom suitable for all of the family, as well as looking stylish. Here are a few of my tips and tricks to try, if you’re on the lookout for some family bathroom ideas.


Create a Double Sink

It is quite American to have a bathroom with a double vanity unit including two separate sinks in the same room. So if you have space, then that is really handy to do. But if your bathroom is a bit on the smaller side, as they tend to be here in the UK, then you could look to install two taps instead. Choosing a large basin bowl, and then having two taps, means that the kids can happily brush their teeth at the same time, or you can be getting ready for the day beside the kids.

Along with that, choosing some slim wall storage to fit either side can be helpful, if you don’t have much space next to the sink(s).

Style Out Your Bath

With children, you pretty much need to have a bath in the family bathroom. What works best, is if there is a double ended bath, with a tap in the centre of it. A freestanding bath in this style not only looks really good, but it is more practical too. More than one child can fit in the bath at the same time, rather than having to do it in shifts.

If you have the space, then try to create install a separate bath and shower. You might think that you don’t have enough space, but with some smart planning, and perhaps getting a shorter than normal bath, you can have both if you need to. Perfect for large families or those with disabled members of the family. Pretty much all plans for a disabled bathroom design will include a separate shower, so that they can shower comfortably, rather than have to struggle to get into a bath.

Create More Storage Space

In a family bathroom , it can often seem that there is never enough space for everything to fit. There can be bottles of bubble bath, shampoo, and bath toys all over the place. So where you can, creating some extra storage is a must. It could be that you build in some new storage, or just get a freestanding set of drawers to use. But all of this needs space. So one way to do it could be to attach your bathroom units to the wall, rather than the floor. A ‘floating’ sink means that there is plenty of storage underneath, as well as replacing a close-coupled toilet with a style that is much less space-eating. These styles can often make the bathroom easier to clean, which there will be plenty of when it comes to a family bathroom!

How do you have your family bathroom at the moment? Would love to hear what you think!Rebecca x*collaborative post

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  • Hey Rebecca!

    First time reader and commenter on your blog. I am Theodore and I am a blogger who is committed to sharing my findings with my blog audience. How are you today? 🙂

    I am not an American but I am very sure that these three (3) tips could work anywhere in the world, Nigeria being inclusive, right?

    So I will definitely give it a try someday when I have the funds to match up…you know when you have extra cash, you could always do anything. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these tips Becky. Do have fun over there. 🙂


  • We have just finished (well nearly) our bathroom it took us ages as everything needed replacing including walls and window… everything. It’s a really small room so we have done the best we can with the space. In an ideal world I would love an ensuite! That would be amazing xxx
    Tanita recently posted…A little tea party with Lucy LocketMy Profile

  • Some really great tips here – family bathrooms are seeing a new trend of multi-height sinks as well. If you do have the space, like you say, it’s great to get ready in the morning while your little ones brush their teeth. A sink set at their height can allow them to do all this on their own while you can use your own sink at a regular height.

  • My husband and I would love to renovate our master bathroom at some point. We’d love to make it larger and install both a shower and tub. I love your tip about installing a separate bath and shower if you have enough space. We might need to look into having a licensed professional come out and do this for us. We don’t have the time, tools, or experience to do it ourselves.

  • You have wonderful design idea. Really great. Your idea will make my washroom so fashionable which I am feeling now. Just keep creating idea like this. I will love them to try out.