Creating Family Friendly Outdoor Space

Outdoor living has never been more popular and that is undoubtedly, in part due to the fact that there are more outdoor design techniques and equipment than ever before. By employing some of these design techniques, you can transform your garden into a fantastic extension of your main home where you can laugh and play together with your children in the fresh air. If that sounds good to you, and you want to know how to craft a family friendly garden space, here are some simple tips you can put in place:


Stimulate the Senses

If you want to get your children interested in the garden, you need to make it appeal to their senses. Kids love colour, texture and vibrant patterns, so try to incorporate as many of these into your outdoor space as possible, using flowers, paving, furniture and accessories like blankets, cushions and throws.

Keep it Shady

There’s nothing like lying back with the sun in your face and a light breeze on your skin, but too much sun can be dangerous, especially for children, which is why every good family garden should have at least one shady spot. Put up a canopy and buy comfy furniture made of rattan direct from the internet or your local garden centre, to create a comfortable sun-free area and encourage your children to sit and play there with the inclusion of a sand pit, water feature or some books.

You could also buy a fun child’s tipi, tent or summer house to provide a shady haven at the height of the summer sun.

Protect the Foliage

Whether you’ve planted flowers or you’re growing a vegetable garden, the last thing you want is for the little ones to step all over your plant-life when they’re having too good a time to notice, ruining all of your gardening efforts,which is why you should always install barriers between the lawn and walkways and the delicate plants and flowers. Fences, steppers, railways sleepers – they can all be used as a barrier that will enable your kids to have their fun and keep your precious plants safe.

Create an Adult Space

It is so easy to let the kids take total control of the garden, and although that’s fine, you deserve your own space to relax and enjoy outdoor living. Section off an area of the garden, lay some paving slabs, install a nice rattan sofa and a barbecue and give yourself a little nook of calm amongst the chaos.

Create a Kids Space

Of course, if you have your own space in the garden, chances are the kids will want their own area too and you’ll probably indulge them. Good options for children’s spaces include swing sets, treehouses, football nets and even little playhouses – all of which will encourage them to get active, use their imagination and really enjoy the outdoors.

Stay Safe

Whether you’re buying plants for the garden or a swing set for the kids, it is of the utmost importance you check out their child safety credentials to ensure nothing in your garden is harmful to your kids. Accidents will happen, but by shopping sensibly, you can make them much less likely.

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