Family Fun: Have More Days Out On a Budget

Spending time with your little family is what life is all about. Before you had kids and thought about what the future with a family would be like, chances are it’s these sort of fun days that you pictured. So if you don’t get out and about as much as you’d like and feel that you’re held back by money- it’s time to make a change! Here are some of the ways you can get out and about more without breaking the bank.

Learn to drive

If you don’t already, learning to drive is one of the best things you’ll ever do. When you have a car you can go anywhere you want- pack a picnic and some supplies in the boot, pick a place on the map and go and drive there! You can be more spontaneous, as there’s no need to book anything ahead, if the sun is out one weekend you can decide last minute to take a trip to the beach or the countryside. Used car garages like Ron Skinner have plenty of vehicles to choose from that won’t break the bank, so if you’ve been toying with the idea of getting your lessons done then just take the plunge! By next summer, you could be in a position where you can go anywhere you want. Learning to drive itself isn’t cheap, in fact it’s incredibly expensive. But once you have a car, you can easily and cheaply get to any place you want to go.

Find cheap travel tickets

If you don’t drive, or don’t want to drive then another great way to get around is to find cheap travel tickets. Companies like Megabus can get you up and down the country for next to nothing, most major cities have stops and so it’s easy to get to where you want to go. If there’s a place you want to visit and have never been, why not book some tickets and go? It really is that easy. Other coach companies as well as train tickets can also be found cheaply especially if you book well ahead of time. Chances are you’ve lived in the UK your whole life, but how much of it have you really seen? Getting around in this way and having family days out allows you to experience more of it.

Check Wowcher and Groupon

Wowcher and Groupon are fantastic for finding fun things to do, they’re usually pretty cheap and are often things you probably won’t have thought about doing. From tickets to events to experience days and more, if you’re stuck for ideas have a browse and see what comes up.

Don’t overlook your local area

Finally, don’t overlook your local area for things to do. There might be fun activities that are only a bus ride or a short walk away! Consider local festivals held in your town, city or village. Go to nearby National Trust parks and nature reserves. Check out museums and other tourist attractions, often there are exhibits for kids so they’re fun for all the family. If you’ve lived in your area for a long time, you might be a bit bored of your surroundings and feel as though you’ve seen and done everything, but your kids won’t have. See it all again through their eyes, days out are often what you make of them and sometimes the simple things can be the most memorable.

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  • Lol that’s a good tip about not overlooking your own area. I’ve just happened live in very (historically) famous areas all my life and always took them for granted by finding things to do outside of them.