Family-Friendly Park & Playground Design

The park is a special place for both parent and child. It’s where memories are made and milestones are met; when your babe in arms can suddenly go on the swing, and your toddler can finally ride the big slide without fear – they’re picture perfect moments that every parent and grandparent cherishes.

After a morning with your little ones at the local park or playground, you want to close the gates behind you feeling like you’ve had a blast; your child worn out from running off their endless bounds of energy, all ready for their afternoon nap. All in all, it should be a positive family experience.


We want our local parks to be bright, cheerful and inviting, rather than dull and dated. But more importantly, nobody wants a fun day out with friends to end on a sour note due to dodgy playground equipment. Parents can hold their children’s hands on the climbing frame, and ensure they’re being careful, but parents ​cannot​ ensure that the facilities their children will be using will be completely safe.

Playground equipments needs to be the best quality in order to avoid incidents, however high quality at low prices is often hard to come by. ​Soft surfaces ​aim to offer the best price for wet pour surfacing across the UK and will not be beaten on price for a like for like quote. Since we only make use of premium materials, you can be sure that our installations are done to a top standard.

To avoid accidents like slipping and tripping, wet pour surfacing is the ideal solution. Many playgrounds and outdoor recreational areas in the UK have wet pour surfacing installed to create better safety qualities which protect the children who use them. Whether it’s for a nursery, a school or a public play area, be sure to have specialists to install rubber safety flooring.

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