What to Do with Your Family Pet While You Travel

If you are a family of pet owners, then you may have had the issue of what to do with your pets while you’re away. Some families have been reluctant to go anywhere on holiday due to the hassle of having to deal with the animals while they are away. However, there are a few options open to you, so before you give up on your holiday, consider these ideas.

Pet Sitters

The area of pet sitting is becoming more popular, and there are now many websites that list good sitters for any animals you have. Pet sitters are a great idea if your pets are nervous about going to stay anywhere else, though they can be costly so not always a good idea for long trips away. The idea is that they will come into your home once or twice a day and feed your pets. If you have dogs, they will also give them a walk for you, and generally, make sure that they are fit and well. Before considering a pet sitter, you need to be honest about your pet’s behaviour. If your dog gets aggressive, you need to make sure that they won’t be aggressive to the pet sitter. When you are, choosing your pet sitter it is best to find one that has training and is covered by insurance. It will mean they are covered if anything were to happen to your animals while you’re away.

Ask a Neighbour or Family Member

Most people when they think about someone looking after their animals will choose a neighbour or family member. Not only is it cheaper for you, but they are also familiar with your pets, and you have a level of trust with them. They can be a good option if you have demanding pets as they may well be able to come over more often than a paid sitter. However, you might find that they are not as responsible as a paid sitter when it comes to visiting the house, and they won’t be covered by insurance. That means if anything were to happen, there would be no monetary compensation.

Automatic Feeders

Automatic feeders are a popular way to feed certain animals, but they are not a good idea for all pets. Fish are one such pet that can do well with an automatic feeder, you just set a timer, and it pours a measured amount into the tank. You will only have enough food in the container for a set number of days, so you need to keep this in mind. Another animal that does well with automatic feeders are cats; this is mainly because they are more independent than other animals and they are also intelligent. In fact, cats are one of the best pets to leave at home; as long as they have food and water as they can amuse themselves.

Find a House Sitter

The house sitter is one step up from a pet sitter in that they will live in your home full time while you’re away. These are often friends or family members, and they have a high level of trust. It also means that your pets get some company during the day and evening, so they won’t get lonely. House sitters are particularly useful for dog owners whose dogs get frightened when their owners are away. For the person that will be house sitting, you will need to plan for food and other shopping that they will need while they are there. Some families have been reluctant to go anywhere on holiday due to the hassle of having to deal with the animals while they are away, and while pet insurance from dog-approved providers like Bivvy.com are a great way to manage vet costs and give you much needed peace of mind when leaving your pup at home, our concern for our pets’ care has a way of following us.

Find a Pet-Friendly Resort

Over the past few years, more resorts and hotels have been allowing dogs to stay with their owners. It is mainly available for dog owners as they are easier to deal with than other animals and less likely to get lost. There are many places such as the Lake District Holiday Homes that offer individual cottages that are dog-friendly. If you can choose somewhere that allows dogs, it can be a lot more exciting holiday for you and your dog, especially if there are some lovely walking areas. You will need to think about your travel to the resort, for example, is your dog good at travelling or will they need a sedative? If you are unsure, it’s best to go for a long drive with your dog before the holiday to see how they cope.


Placing your animal in kennels is probably one of the easiest options, but it can also be stressful for the animal. The idea is that you take them to a kennel where they are kept safe until you return. Although these kennels usually just cater for cats and dogs, there are more places opening that takes other animals as well. If you have more exotic pets, then try talking to your local pet shop. They sometimes look after the animals for you, or they might have the name of someone who will. It can be a good idea for most exotic animals because if there was a power failure at your home, they could be harmed without warmth.

Staying with a Local Vet

There are many veterinary surgeries that now offer a boarding service for pets with 24-hour care as well. If you have an animal that has medical needs, then this can be the best option apart from taking them with you. You might need to book them a long time in advance, especially if they are a small practice. While they are the best place for poorly pets, they can work out to be more expensive than a kennel, so you will need to factor this in as well.

There are now many options open to those families that want to get away for a few days. You just need to select the right way to look after your pets before you go.

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