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The boy and I had another little adventure recently as we took a trip to Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest, as we have family visiting from the States, we all met up there. With soon going on paternity leave, it was tricky for the hubs to get off work to come with us so we went on, Max’s favourite part of the trip I’m sure, the train! Being quite pregnant, it was such a blessing to have such a good little travel companion!

centerparcs11 centerparcs7

Max had a great time with his cousins and seriously loved going ‘wimmin’ everyday. We were staying pretty close to the main swimming pool area, so didn’t see the need to hire bikes, plus Max loved getting his wellies on and finding all the muddy puddles.

centerparcs4 centerparcs9 centerparcs12

There are so many outdoor play parks, the kids would literally spend hours at them. We had some pretty good weather too (though my sister visiting from the US would disagree haha), it stayed mostly dry and clear, so we were out and about a lot.

centerparcs2 centerparcs1 centerparcs3 centerparcs5 centerparcs8 centerparcs6 centerparcs10

My little man fell asleep as I was changing him from his swim so I laid him on the changing table so I could get dressed – bless him. He will sleep anywhere!

We had a few lovely treats whilst we were there – it was pancake day on the Tuesday so pancakes for dinner – yummy! Plus, we went to the Pancake House for brunch on the Friday morning after we had checked out for even more yummyness. The hubs had also booked me in for a pregnancy massage and facial treatment one evening at the Spa. It was amazing. Complete chill out time and who doesn’t love a pampering treatment? I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep right there on the massage table! It was lovely to just have a chilled week and spend time with family – would recommend Center Parcs to anyone, particularly those with toddlers.


My parents with the grandchildren (minus 4 month old Sophie). Crazy that this pic will be very out of date in a few months with numbers 6 and 7 on the way!

Rebecca x

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