FamilyTime – Android Parental Monitoring App

Easy access to the internet is what makes it difficult for kids to get off the screen. And this makes a real challenge for parents to control their kids in this hyperconnected world. As we all know, the internet has its own perks and perils and to help kids enjoy the perks only, parents are needed to monitor their kids and advice them about the best possible use of their devices. To really know what is happening,parents need to be able to monitor:

  • The sites they visit
  • The applications they are using
  • How are they using
  • Social networks or social applications that they are using
  • The photos that they are taking
  • The images that they are sharing
  • The messages that they are sending and receiving
  • Understand each of the applications that they have installed
  • Of course, understand the abbreviations they use to communicate via text
  • Places that they physically visit

When we monitor the phone, the computer or the tablet, you can see what they are doing no matter what application they are using. If you really want to know what is going on in your child’s life, if they are being bullied, if they are the bully, if they are trying to explore sites that are not appropriate for their age, you need to stop pretending that you know everything and become your own supervising agency. How do you do that?

First, the basics. Never deliver electronic equipment such as a smartphone, iPod Touch, iPad or other tablet and of course, a computer, to a child without adjusting the controls designed to protect them. These options vary depending on the operating system, but the effects are generally similar between those found blocking adult sites, banning explicit content, use of inappropriate applications such as violence games, etc. According to experts, the most appropriate option in this regard is using the specialized monitoring programs such as FamilyTime – Android parental monitoring app.

How does FamilyTime – Android Parental Monitoring App Help?


FamilyTime app is a complete parental solutions for parents who are willing to safeguard their kids’ in the digital world. The app offers quite advanced monitoring functions for digital devices and includes a control portal. It can categorize and catch visited web pages and alert parents immediately and can even block sites that are used to surf anonymously online. With that, the FamilyTime app shows you the amount of time that your kids are using on the screen and the list of applications used. On the phone it also shows the list of contacts, calls, text messages and chats. The application has advanced systems of filters to block sites and inappropriate searches. There are many more options  for kids as well as parents. For instance, using the FamilyTime app, parents can monitor kids location, Geo-fence places to receive auto alerts about their kids checking in and checking out of thos places, options to receive alerts (SOS alerts, PickMeUp alerts, driving speed limit alerts), and limiting screen time. Do you wish to usethese features yourself? Why not try FamilyTime app for free? The app works for all Android, iOS and Kindle devices. To download the app now, go to the app store on your phone.

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