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Now that autumn is well and truly here, then it is going to mean more muddy boots and wet raincoats coming in the home after the school run over the next few months. While that is all very well (I do love this time of year), it can mean more cleaning than ever. So to give our carpets a boost, a carpet clean is a must at this time of year. It can be quite surprising just how dirty the carpets can get dirty over summer? Why we chose cream carpets in our house I will never know, haha.

Fantastic Services have a website where you can request someone to come in and clean the carpet, as well as other services in and around the home. You can choose the date and time, so there is control and flexibility. But they also have an app, called Go Fantastic, that I have downloaded, and it was even easier and simpler to place the order. So I think it is worth downloading that if you’re looking for some help around the house; you can just order on the go! But by entering your postcode you can see what is available in your area and then check the dates and times that are available. Really simple to use, so I would certainly use that again. But what happened with the actual clean?

First of all, the cleaner that we had was prompt, polite, and kept us informed of what he was doing. He got on with it, and adjusted things around the home as needed. He was hard working and efficient; it hardly took him any time at all! I have hired a carpet cleaning machine and done it myself most of the time, but it was hassle to do so, to be honest. Plus, it just took me ages. when you have someone set aside to just clean the carpets, it is surprising just how quick it all is.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 20.17.18
L- before R – after

But the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Did the carpet clean make a difference? I was so impressed with the carpet clean, they really did look like new. The marks and stains that had accumulated over the summer were gone, and the carpets looked so much brighter. Having a professional carpet clean was also was peace of mind that the carpet was all clean hygienically now, as well as just visually. Which is good to know with young children that play on the floor regularly.


So now that we’re back in the swing of the school run, it could be a good time to book something for your home. I loved that someone else was able to come in and clean for me, without it having to cost a fortune. I didn’t feel invasive or awkward, as they were so quick and efficient to get the job done. Have you ever used Fantastic Services before?

If you’d like to try out Fantastic Services for yourself, then:

use the code AAU10 to get £10 off your first service**

I would really recommend using them, especially with the app – it is just so handy!Rebecca x*the carpet clean was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. #fantasticschoolyear

**minimum charges apply. Cannot be combined with other offers and discounts. Does not apply for regular domestic cleaning and Christmas services. Valid for online and app bookings. Subject to availability and area coverage.

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