Top 5 Fashion Accessories Trending for Spring 2018

As each new season approaches, top names in fashion designers love to flaunt their stuff on runways around the globe. This year is no exception to that particular rule, except the big fashion houses, have gone all out in fashions and accessories for Spring 2018. What will catch your eye this year is a whole new trend in fashions where designers have gone big and bold. Designers like Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, and Givenchy have outdone themselves yet again, setting the stage for an exciting spring for fashionistas everywhere.

1. Wide Brimmed Hats with Complementary Hat Accessories

Wide-brimmed hats always seem to circle back around when those dangerous UV rays threaten to damage our skin beyond repair. This year, however, some of those brims have become large enough to actually function as an entire sunroom! While those are a bit extreme, stylish handcrafted wide brim hats and accessories are available on, a site that blends the outlandish with something a little more refined and certainly much more wearable. Try a handstitched leather hat with unique accessories designed specifically for these hats and you will stand out in a crowd without taking up the entire crowd.

2. Micro Shades for Maxi Style

Perhaps the one exception to this year’s supersized collection of fashions would be micro shades which are trending smaller than they have for many, many years. Now you can keep your eyes shaded, but if you wear them far enough down on your nose, you can peer over them like the proverbial librarian. Fortunately, in micro shades, you’ll be stylish enough that no one could possibly mistake you for a bookworm, even by the wildest stretch of the imagination.

3. How Handbags Are Shaping Up

Handbags are among the most unusual styles this year. Instead of looking for shoulder bags or fanny packs, this year’s bags all take on geometric shapes and are anything but soft and pliable. Crafted from leather, these bags are strong and hard enough to knock some sense into a would-be purse snatcher. Think first-generation Samsonite luggage and you’ll understand just how sturdy this year’s bags are going to be.

4. Gotta Love Those Gloves

What you will find a little disconcerting about gloves for Spring 2018 is the lengths and colors trending. Most go well above the elbow and instead of being fashioned in white, as spring and summer gloves usually are, this year’s offerings are done in black and have that chic appeal that only black evening gloves can offer.

5. You Won’t Be Doing Much Sneaking Around in This Year’s Super-Sneakers!

As for shoes, sneakers are in, but they are like something you’d see on Christmas elves or on characters in the Hobbit. Many are made of various printed fabrics sewn together with frayed seams and some have those long, curly pointed toes like shoes you’d see on Santa’s helpers. This truly is a strange year for sneakers. They are loud enough that you’ll be seen before you can go sneaking around!

Perhaps the best way to describe most of this year’s fashion accessories would be to sum it up with one word, and that word would be bizarre. While you can still find fashionable and ultra-trendy clothes which aren’t quite as extreme, this year’s runways set the stage for what promises to be an interesting year in ladies’ fashion accessories.

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