Father’s Day Gift Inspiration for the DIY Dad

Father’s Day is coming up in just over two weeks (19th June if you weren’t sure). So it is time to celebrate our own dads or our baby daddies. They often get a bit forgotten about and I never seem to know what to get for my dad, or get on behalf of the kids for Mr U.

I was having a look for some inspiration and though a gift guide for dads that love DIY would be a fun idea. Dads just know how to fix everything, right?


1.Sugru* – £12.99 for a pack of 8

Sugru is the world’s first mouldable glue. It turns into rubber when it is exposed to the air. It feels a little like play-dough but it dries and sticks to pretty much any material. It stays strong and securely bonded from the freezer to a steamy hot shower, from the home to the great outdoors. So it is a must-have for any dads that love to fix things around the house.

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2.Personalised Hammer Set – £25

How cute is this? I love the look of the wood, it looks really smart. A message from your kids on it would be perfect and really sweet. It could be something that it passed on in the family too. Useful and sweet. Pretty perfect.

3.DIY Speaker Kit – £28

If the dad in your life likes to fix things and make things, this is a great idea. If they are a music and gadget lover too, it is a bonus. They can go off to their shed or man-cave and make their own little speaker.

4.Toiletries Wash Bag – £24.90

This is an awesome toiletry bag that looks like a traditional tool case but works just as a toiletry bag should. It has a hard-shell on the outside, designed to protect toiletries and shavers. Cut little gift for a dad that loves a bit of DIY in his life.

5.Chocolate Tool Set – £12

Because what dad doesn’t deserve some chocolate? Exactly as it says on the tin!

6.Huntsman Knife – £28

No DIY dad is complete without some form of knife set to have with them at all times. Useful if they love camping and the outdoors, as well as fixing things around the home. Swiss made so you know that it is good quality too.

Have you got any plans for Father’s day? Hope this little guide was helpful!


*PR sample

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