A Few of My Favourite Things in August

The end of August is nearly here! I can’t quite believe it. But having said that, we have just had our last bank holiday until Christmas, so it is time to get on with the idea that the year is flying by. August has brought many adventures and fun of the summer holidays for us. A trip to the Lake District, cousin camp for Max, and a weekend in Yorkshire for the bank holiday, has been lots of up and down driving around the UK. Not to mention getting all our back to school bits and bobs. Six weeks (or however long the school break is), really does fly by.

But along with those things, here are some things that I have been trying out this month and what I have been loving. What have been some of your favourite things this month?

Unknown1.Vieve Protein Water

I am pretty good at heading to the gym and manage to get there at least four times a week. But I do get in a bit of a rut from time to time. Of late, I really haven’t been pushing myself and not taking care of myself after working out. I haven’t been using protein shakes or anything to repair after a weights session. I have been trying out the new Vieve Flavoured Protein Water recently and I have been so impressed.

In each drink, that has 0g of sugar, there are 20g of protein, so they have been the perfect drink for after a workout. I found them to be super refreshing too. They are best served cold, so they are really refreshing and tasty, which is great after a workout. They are only 85 calories each, so they are less than a protein shake, so can work for me as I watch my weight too. If you don’t need them for muscle maintenance, then they can be used for helping your bones to be strong. The flavours available are strawberry and rhubarb, citrus, apple, and mint, and coconut and honey. I liked them all, but the strawberry and rhubarb was my ultimate favourite; super tasty!

Cost: a 6 pack costs £14.99, and you can get 50% off first order.

2. iMantara Room Sprays

I am a big fan of essential oils and using them to fragrance my home. Have read far too many horror stories about scented candles and the toxic fumes to go back to using them, so they re my go-to. If you ask my husband, he’ll probably tell you how obsessively I use essential oils in my diffuser. I am constantly using it. But after discovering two of the iMantara Room Sprays, I am sold on using them as well as my oils.

There are two room sprays; Andaman Aroma Soul Room Spray and Sublime Living Jasmine and Rachawadee room spray. The former uses rosewood essential oil, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Myrrh, making it really relaxing and soothing. It also contains Cardamon to stimulates and refreshes. So it makes a great scary for evening time, as well as in the morning. It is light and easy to use and would work for most rooms. The latter fragrance uses some Thai botanicals, Jasmine and Rachawadee, so it really took me back to my time in Thailand. It is quite a regal scent, if that makes sense, and more luxurious than the other. So I think this one works much better for evenings and winding down, rather than an everyday spray.

Cost: both room sprays are £15.95 for 120ml

3. SunSense Lip Balm

Though a lot of the summer has been shocking, in terms of the weather, we have had some really scorching days. I really suffer badly if my lips get sunburn and they can get really sore, dry, and get blistered easily. So I always have to have something on my lips to prevent sun damage. I have tried a few lip balms with sunscreen in my time, but I have really liked using the SunSense Lip Balm recently, with its SPF 50. It is easy to apply and doesn’t come off in clumps on my lips. I also hate it when lip balm applies really white, so was pleased with this one that it doesn’t apply really white, if that makes sense.

Cost: £3.59 (currently on sale)

4. teapigs Jelly & Ice Cream

One sign that I am growing up (ha) is that I really loved herbal teas. I am not a regular tea drinker at all, but herbal and caffeine free teas have really appealed to me over recent years. teapigs is by far one of my favourite brands for fruity teas. But for their 10th anniversary, they have a new flavour: Jelly & Ice Cream! I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, but it had to be tried, right? It is so good! It has a fruity taste with a bit of a twist, but I would honestly recommend trying it out. I have been making them iced with the kids too, and it tastes oh, so good! Refreshing too.

Cost: £5.25 for 15 tea temples

5. SunSense Roll On For Kids

If you have kids, then you will understand the struggle of applying suncream to them. Having them being patient enough to stand there as it get rubbed in is really difficult. But in summer, and even on cloudy days, I know they need to have sunscreen on. The SunSense Ultra roll on for kids is great, because, as the name suggests, it is a roll on. The kids quite liked applying it to themselves, so it made the whole process easier for us over the past few weeks. I don’t know why more brands don’t have roll on sunscreen? It absorbs well and wasn’t greasy either, so perfect for kids and the rest of the family. Really liked this and would purchase again.

Cost: £5.57 for 50ml roll on

What have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of these things before?Rebecca x

*contains PR samples. As ever, all opinions are my own.

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