A Few of My Favourite Things in June

Wow, how is it now July?! I don’t want to mention the C-word, but it is crazy that this 2018 Christmas is now closer than last year’s Christmas. The year is flying by.

Hasn’t the weather been amazing, though? It has been lush to enjoy. Though we’ve been having our driveway done over the past fortnight, and had to keep doors and windows closed so the house doesn’t get filled with dust. It will be worth it though, the driveway is looking good.

We’ve had a pretty busy time with sports days in June, and things like pre-school graduation coming up soon. We must be getting to the end of the year or something? We are definitely ready for the summer break in our house…

But what are some of the things I have been loving in June? I haven’t done a favourites post for a while now, so thought it was due an update. Is there anything you’ve been loving over the past month?

Watched: Poldark

Series 4 has returned of Poldark, and I have been loving life. It is one of the best things on TV, and the characters are portrayed so well – you really want to love some of the characters and hate others. A really well written and put together series. Have you seen it yet? It is on BBC1 on Sunday nights at 9pm

Read: Girl, Wash Your Face

I saw one of my favourite bloggers, Aby, talk about the book Girl, Wash Your Face so I was immediately intrigued. I haven’t been reading fiction of late, so was keen to read another non-fiction / kind of self-help book. I haven’t completed the book yet, but have really enjoyed it so far – so motivating and inspiring.

Ate: Joyfuel Energy Bars

I am always on the look out for snacks to eat on the go. I used to have more time on my hands to make things of my own, but I really have to just grab and go no really. Plus, after changing my diet since the start of the year, becoming vegetarian and avoiding dairy, it does limit what you can or can’t eat, especially in the snack department.

Joyfuel bars are vegan, cold pressed, and full of natural goodness. The favours are amazing; there weren’t any that I didn’t like (though you can select which flavours you want to have sent). They are just the right size for a few bitefuls and it is an instant healthy boost. The box fits through your letter box so you can order them and not have to worry about waiting in for delivery, and you even order a regular subscription if you want to.

A box of 8 is £9.95 with free delivery.

Worn: Stay Up Strapless Upbra

Upbra is an American brand that I have been wearing during this heatwave that we have been having. Though it is a strapless bra, I have tended to use mine with straps as that is more comfortable for everyday where. The Stay Up Strapless bra really does stay up, though, even without the straps. It is comfortable, soft to wear, and the sizing is just right,

What makes the Upbra bras unique is that they allow you to control the uplift and cleavage that you have. So it makes it a really versatile bra for all different occasions (perfect for me as I don’t want to have lots of different ones, but a couple that are more versatile). You adjust it using the clips inside the bra, that hook where you want them to, according to the cleavage or uplift that you want (they clip just like the straps onto a bra).

The strapless bra is priced at £73.51.

Is there anything that you have been loving over the past few weeks? It would be great to hear what you think.

*contains PR samples – all opinions are my own.

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