A Few Of Our Favourite Things in June

We’re at the end of June, what is that about?! The month has flown by, what with the heatwave and a busy work month, so much has seemed to happen. Work wise things have been busier and busier but I have decided that I need a little more time for myself with some other things going on in my life. So this month I hired a virtual assistant to help me to get on with more things. It has been such a blessing. i always feel very lucky to be able to work from home but it does come with a certain inability to switch off!

As for other things in life, June has brought us me my first fertility appointment at the hospital. I will be seen agin in a few months, but I’ve been given some medication to see if we can get things started. We shall see…

As for everything else in June, here are some things that we have been enjoying over the past month.


Pudology Dessert Pots*

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I was sent these pots for a review and they sounded so good on paper. And then I tried these Pudology pots and I was sold. They are seriously rich and tasty. They are certified vegan and are gluten and dairy-free, so they are pretty guilt-free too. They were honestly so tasty, my favourite being the millionaires’ puds. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then these are a great addition for a less guilty treat. I will definitely be adding them to my Ocado shop next time I do one. At £2.99 I think they are really value for money, using more expensive ingredients like coconut. The pots are sealable too, so you don’t have to have all of them all at once, as they are pretty rich and decedent.

Meridian Chocolate Peanut Butter

In keeping with the foodie and indulgent theme, I discovered Meridian’s new cocoa and nut butters. I love nut butter at the best of times, but even better if it is chocolatey, right? I like meridian as a brand because they don’t add sugar to their butters like other brands do. So it is all just the goodness of nuts and cocoa. It is so delicious and the whole family has been loving it too.

41-b54lGUgL._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_Paris For One*

I have been reading Paris For One by JoJo Moyes over the past few weeks. It is a short story and comes with a few other short stories in it too. Which at the moment, I only have time to read for a small amount of time each evening. So have found it perfect to fit in with this book. The author of Me Before You has done it again!

Orphan Black

I am Netflix mad at most times, but there are some of my favourite shows back on at the moment. I have talked about my love of PLL (which ends on Wednesday – eeek). But I also really like Orphan Black which is back on Netflix for its fifth season. I don’t think its for everyone (I started watching it with my hubby and he didn’t stick with it), as it is quite a science fiction thriller, if that makes any sense? But the cast is brilliant and I find it all really interesting. Have you ever heard of it?

All Strawberry Everything

The strawberries on our garden have been growing and growing and we are collecting a large bowl full each day. I have been making jams, baked goods, and Eton mess filled with strawberries for the month of June. Bring on Wimbledon, right?

What have you been loving this past month?

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  • I loved orphan black, has to be one of my favourite programs. Also loving everything strawberry related, we recently rustled up a strawberry crumble and it was sooo delicious! Can’t wait to take Emily strawberry picking once the baby is born. x