A Few of My Favourite Things | October

When you see another favourites post pop up, you know that another month has flown by. Here we are in November! Can’t quite believe it. I am normally far more organised with all things Christmas by now, but I have been slacking. I think I’ll blame the half term that we just had! But without further ado, here are some of my favourite things from October. As per, there is a little bit of everything…



We only just saw this in the half term a week or so ago. My mum and nephew were visiting, so we thought it would be good to all go to the cinema. Trolls was brilliant! I think animations for kids can be a bit hit or miss. The kids might enjoy them but I don’t necessarily. I thought Trolls was so good, though. We all really enjoyed it. Fun, bright, hilarious, emotional, and an absolutely killer soundtrack. There was a great ‘cast’ (well, their voices) that just added to how good it was. If you haven’t been to see it yet, then you need to!

Deliciously Ella Energy Balls


I am a bit of an Ella fan at the best of times, but I have been loving her new energy ball line. At first they were only available online from places like Planet Organic and Ocado. But they are now stocked in store at a few retailers. My local Waitrose has them and it is nice to be able to grab something free from refined sugar or dairy when you are by the checkout. They are a little more than a chocolate bar would cost, but much better for you.

I like that the recipes are completely transparent and it states what is in each one, quite precisely. So you can make your own which is awesome. I have been making a few of them in my new food processor too – yum!

New Look

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 20.43.29I hadn’t shopped at New Look in years, until I had a discount code come through on my email a few weeks ago. I have been stocking up (though I feel like somewhat of a teeny-bopper shopping there)! I have found their clothes fit well to size and are good quality for the price that you pay. I am living in my ankle boots that I recently bought and I also got a ‘crinkle’ dress from there. It is so, so comfy and really easy to wear. Loving a bit of the New Look!

Is there anything that you have been particularly loving these past few weeks?


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