A Few of Our Favourite Things | September

Oh my, September has just been and gone in one massive back to school blur! Back to routine after a lazy summer has been good, but I just seem to always be on the go, with things going on here, there, and everywhere. I guess it is why time flies so much when you have children; it doesn’t drag at all!

So what have been some of the highlights of our September? I have enjoyed a busy time with work, and in particular, going to a lactose-free cooking masterclass with Tesco and Lesley Waters. But the main event was getting back to school. Max in year 1 and Chloe going full-time (well, the old full-time of 15 hours a week), at nursery. Staying for lunch is her highlight which is great to know. You’re always concerned that they aren’t going to eat, but as per, she eats better for everyone but me! Chloe has started tennis lessons, Max still goes but is in a bigger class, and Max has just started Beavers. Busy, busy!

What else have we been loving this month? Here are a few things that we have been loving this month. Have you heard of any of them before?


Slim & Sassy Metabolic Gum

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I have been a user of doTERRA essential oils for a while now. I like to use them to diffuse around the home after chucking out my scented candles, as well as for minor ailments. I was looking on their site recently and found that they have expanded their range with a few new items. I have tried some of the vitamins and bars before, as well as toothpaste, for example. But when I saw that the Slim & Sassy blend had a new gum, I had to try it!

The blend is to help aid weight loss, by giving you a feeling of being full. Plus, I love that it is all completely natural, with oils like grapefruit and ginger. But did the gum work to help me feel full? When I have been feeling hunger pains, I chuck a piece of the gum in my mouth between meals. It really distracts me and does stop me feeling hungry. If you’re a serial snacker, then this could be for you.

You can buy them in my shop for £7.50 for a 32 pack. Send me a message if you need help or want to avoid paying postage.

Altruist Dermatologist Suncreen


I know that summer is nearly over, but there will still be plenty of us looking for a winter sun break. Plus the fact that experts tell us we should be wearing sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Which is where Altruist sunscreen comes in. I have used a wide range of sunscreens in my time, but this one comes up there as one of the best. First of all, the story behind the creators is brilliant. A skin cancer specialist doesn’t want people to discriminate against who can protect themselves against skin cancer and who can’t. So he has created a really affordable sunscreen for everyone. The great thing is that aside from that, it generates very little profit. And what it does generates, goes back into helping to fund the research and making more of it. So it is a win-win for everyone.

What makes it good though, other than that? I really liked hoe easy it is to apply. It isn’t sticky or greasy, so it spreads easily and really does stay put. It doesn’t feel thick or drying out on your skin, so it does feel nice. It is also photo-stable, meaning that it is stable and perfectly suitable for sensitive skin, so it is a good option for families. It is fragrance and paraben-free, and doesn’t block pores; what isn’t there to love?


You can buy the sunscreen exclusively from Amazon for £4 per 200ml, which is a really good price point.

Zoflora Lemon Zing


I don’t know if it is just all things back to school, but having a proper deep clean of our home has been on the cards over the past few weeks. And with a deep clean comes disinfectant. I love citrus scents so when I found out Zoflora had a new disinfectant out, Lemon Zing, I had to try it. Not only does it smell of lemon and grapefruit, but also hints of ginger, which is perfect as things become all things autumnal. It left my home, mainly my kitchen, smelling great.


I have used lemon oils to clean with before, so know what a good ingredient it is for cleaning. The Zoflora Lemon Zing was easy to clean with, non-greasy, and did help to get rid of odours (little miss is still using a potty so it has been very handy to help clean that with). Using a clean spray bottle is had too, if you’re not using it for mopping the floors. I couldn’t recommend it enough as a cleaner.

What kind of things have you been loving this month? Would love to hear!Rebecca x*contains PR samples. All opinions are my own.

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