3 Important Features to Watch for When Choosing a New Trampoline

Rebounder trampolines are a great way to stay in shape and have fun in a relatively small amount of space. In fact, they may be better for your body than running. Trampoline jumping is also a low-impact exercise that builds strength and supports cardiovascular health. Trampolines also boost immunity. They stimulate the lymphatic system.

There are so many different rebounder trampolines that they all may seem alike except for price and dimensions. That’s why a rebounder trampoline guide is so important. Guides like these help you make an informed decision that maximizes your investment of time and money. Below are three quick points to get you started.


Together, Needak and Urban Rebounder account for about half the U.S. market. If you are looking for a rebounder trampoline, chances are you will wind up with one from these companies. American-made Needaks are very well-known for their high quality; China-based Urban Rebounder has a number of videos and other materials that support their products.

ReboundAir also sells a lot of rebounder trampolines. Al Carter, whom many consider the father of the trampoline, has a controlling interest in this company. These products come from Taiwan. Other manufacturers include Germany’s Bellicon and China’s JumpSport. Bellicon trampolines use bungee cords instead of springs, and JumpSport claims to make the world’s safest trampoline.


Retail price varies significantly. A local store-brand rebound trampoline may cost under $75. If you need a trampoline today, don’t have much to spend, and will only use it sparingly, go with a local brand. On the whole, these trampolines are reasonably well-made. However, they are usually not very long-lasting. They may break down after only a few weeks of regular use.

On the other end, most high-end Bellicon or JumpSport trampolines retail for between $600 and $700. If longevity and safety are very important to you, they may be worth the investment. JumpSport also has some very modestly-priced models which are on par with the big box retailer brands in terms of price.

Needak, ReboundAir, and Urban Rebounder are usually priced somewhere in the middle at between $200 and $300. These mid-priced options are also very well-made, which probably explains their large market share.


It’s best to always take online reputations with a bit of salt. But here is a brief rundown from sites like Amazon and Ebay:

  • Needak: This manufacturer has about a 97 percent positive rate. The few people who left negative reviews often had issues understanding the product’s proper use and did not have problems with the product itself.
  • ReboundAir: The overwhelming majority of these reviews are positive. Some people do complain about poor workmanship or a small jump service, but that’s mostly among the cheaper models. Persistent complaints about poor customer service are a little more unsettling.
  • Urban Rebounder: As is often the case with online reviews, Urban Rebounder reviews are very polarized. People love them or hate them, and the reviews are almost 50-50.

Based on these reviews, Needak is the clear winner with ReboundAir a close second. Urban Rebounder trampolines get good marks for value.

This is just a teaser. For more information about rebounder trampolines, check out our rebounder trampoline guide before you go shopping.

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