Not just for the boys: the female revolution of gaming

There’s just no doubt about it – the world today, the world your kids are growing up in, is totally different from the one you remember as a kid. Some parts of this are good, like the fact that modern parents do a good job at raising kids to feel cared for and well-loved, while also allowing them the freedom to self-actualise their own identity. Some parts of it are less so, like the fact that modern life is so busy and hectic that sometimes we need reminders as to the importance of family time. However, generally, you can see that we are mostly moving forward as time goes on, with perhaps the occasional step back. That’s not all bad, though. After all, sometimes a step back is needed to give yourself a moment to stop and smell the flowers.

As a woman, but especially as a mum, it’s hard to find moments in the day for “you time”. In the last century. society has shifted dramatically in so many ways, including the role of women. Despite this, some holdovers seem to linger. So many things that used to be “for boys” only sort of managed to grow up, becoming things “for men” instead.

Like many tech industries, the world of gaming grew into the modern age as mostly a boys club, less accessible in many ways to girlhood. Now, these industries are attempting to fight their way back into the good graces of womanhood by trying to find new ways to appeal to female users. One way that they do this is by appealing to the busy nature of female lives through increasing accessibility thanks to the revolution of mobile gaming. A night of cigars, whisky and blackjack, while enjoyable, takes quite a bit of workaround for lots of busy women, especially with little ones at home, but with the convenience of live casino table games available in mobile platforms, you can treat yourself to the excitement of a night out without the hassle of finding a sitter.

In fact, the world of entertainment on the whole is infinitely more accessible today than ever before. Truly, if equality between the sexes is to be found, then women need to prioritise themselves and their wants, even for simple things. If men are allowed to find comfort in video games, why not women also? Women make up half the consumers in the world, and entertainment industries are finally putting the effort into making products that engage all aspects of society. There are many industries that will still take some time to come around from the male-centred development that they grew from.

However, just because something is “for boys” doesn’t mean that it needs to stay that way. When your kids are all grown up and look back on their own childhoods, they should be able to feel the same way that you feel about yours, if not better – nostalgic, but thankful for the advancements that they’ve witnessed, and hopeful for the path ahead.

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