Feng-Shui Your Way To a Better Night’s Sleep

Do you find that you sleep enough? I am at the stage now that my children sleep really well, so I don’t have any complaints in that department. My problem is that the quality of my sleep isn’t very good. I always wake up feeling rough and still exhausted, regardless of how much sleep I have had.

If you don’t get enough sleep, it can lead to depression, weight gain and mood swings. Not to mention those beloved bags under your eyes (they’re Chanel, darling). I know that someone people reach for coffee or red kratom strains to give them a boost in the mornings. But you can make sure that you can improve how much sleep you get, as well as the quality. The environment where you sleep could have a lot to do with it.

Lower the Lights

As the night draws in, it is a good idea to start to lower the lights in your home. If you constantly have bright lighting, it can interrupt your sleep pattern as you might not feel ready for sleep. So side lights or table lamps it is!



There are several things that you need to clear, in order to get better sleep. First of all, you need to declutter and clear your bedroom. I know this is especially true for me. I can’t get into a messy bed, or have clothes on the floor, or a disorganised bedside table. I am a bit OCD that way anyway, but it does stress me a little. Which in turn, effects how well I sleep.

The other thing to declutter before you go to bed is your mind. If you are thinking of all you have to do the next day, you won’t be able to sleep. If you are stressed, you won’t be able to sleep. If that is the case, then get out of bed and do something to clear your mind. Write things down in a notebook to remind yourself in the morning. A couple of years ago we had quite a stressful family situation. I didn’t sleep properly for a few weeks. I decided I needed to write a letter to get all my thoughts out. I never sent the letter. But it helped me gather my thoughts and almost leave the issues on the paper, if that makes sense? So do all you can to clear your mind.

Bring in Earth

Now I am not meaning dirt from the garden. Earth is the grounding element when it comes to feng-shui. It can help to create a peaceful environment which can aid sleep. So think about the colour of your room. Earth tones like nudes, browns and tan are all calming colours. You could bring in elements of stones and clay too, to create a relaxing place to be.


Assess Your Bed

The style of your bed can affect the fengshui in the room. Where it is positioned can also affect it. According to the practice, having your bed against a solid wall, that is not in line with the door, is the best place to be. It is also a good idea if the bed has a good sized headboard, and ideally no storage underneath. The thinking behind that is that you might harbour bad memories if there are things stored under your bed. Having a quality mattress is a great idea too. That is one of the best ways to improve your sleep. Firms of a mattress is quite personal, so try some out to see what id your preference. Could all be worth a try?

Use Essential Oils

I am a big fan of essential oils, any day of the week. But having some oils like lavender diffusing in the room, really will help with sleep. You can also use essential oils for aromatherapy. Massaging a few drops of lavender or frankincense on your feet, can really help. Even better if you have someone that can give you a foot rub too! perfect way to relax before bed.

Have you got any tips for a better night’s sleep?


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  • I suffer with insomnia so sleep, or lack of it, is something that plays a huge role in my life and these tips are really useful so thanks so much for sharing. One thing i find really beneficial is to write down all my thoughts in a notebook or journal before i go to bed, it really helps to clear my mind and help me relax xx
    Vikki Holness recently posted…The Siblings Project // August 2016My Profile

  • Fantastic tips here, thank you for sharing! We’ve been on a massive decluttering mission over the past few years and our bedroom is super minimal now. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made, sleep quality is 100% better! x

  • I absolutely love these tips. Especially the essential oils and decluttering of the mind and room. I always have to tidy before I sleep and get into a made bed. I sleep with a notebook next to my bed, but I really want to try essential oils and I am in desperate need of a new mattress. x

  • I suffer with insomnia, so going to sleep is a constant struggle – so envious of those people who can put their head on their pillow and they are asleep just like that. I find having clutter around me makes it worse. Great tips! x

  • Great advice, I did suffer a lot from insomnia for a while and I did find cutting down caffeine after a certain hour to help. Not sure how it would connect with the feng-shui element in your post though, lol.

  • Thanks for this great article. I’m far from the best sleeper, I particularly like using aromatic oils to help me get to sleep. I particularly love Origins Peace of Mind. It seems to have the right mix of oils for me. I should point out I don’t work or have any links to Origins. I just love this product! Now if I could declutter better!!🤗

  • Love the idea of decluttering your mind defo find myself led in bed with thoughts spinning around in my head I should really just dump them all on a piece of paper and think about it again in the morning, fab tips xx