Finding Your Lust For Life

Having a lust for life is something that so many of us just don’t have, and that’s so sad. Life is all about living, but when you’re finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning, how are you ever going to find that lust for life that’s going to get you through? Well, you’re not! If you’re the type of person that’s stuck in their ways at the minute, not really knowing what you want from life, or not really having the motivation to do anything different, then you really are wasting the life that you’ve been given. What you need to be doing, is getting your life back on track again, and realise what you’re missing out on.

There are so many things in this world that will be passing you by, and so many opportunities that you could have, that you just never find because you’re not proactive enough. But then this circles right back round to the fact that you can’t be proactive, if you just don’t have that lust for life. So the aim of this article is going to be to turn it all around for you, and show you what type of life you could be living. We’re also going to show you how to get that lust for life that you might have been having trouble finding! So keep on reading, and let us help you to change your life!

A Get Up And Go Attitude

Now isn’t this a hard one to get your head around. Having a get up and go attitude is pretty much impossible, when all you seem to want to do is lie down and sit around. It’s because we lead such busy lives, but we’re always busy doing something we don’t want to do. Even if it’s plans we’ve made weeks in advance with friends, whenever they creep round, we start getting that feeling that we really can’t be bothered to go. It’s simply because we’re so fed up in other areas of our life, that all we want to do is sit around and do nothing, all of the time. So how are you ever going to get a get up and go attitude, when you can barely be bothered to get up and go to make some food?! Well, it’s pretty simple, and it starts with the mindset that you have. If you always have that can’t be bothered attitude, which starts on Monday and ends never, you just need to become a little more positive about your work life.

Your work life is most likely affecting your mood every single day, but if you start focusing on the positives of it, and making the best of a bad situation, life will start to improve. You should also think about getting up and going outdoors, and doing something a little energetic. When you’re nice and snuggled up in bed, this might be the last thing that you think about doing, but we promise that once you get out and about, that get up and go attitude will come flooding right to you. Make sure that when you do get up and go, that you’re doing something to benefit you as well. If you’re always getting up to go and do something for someone else, you’re never going to have that will do to it all of the time!

Getting Rid Of Your Demons

You’re never really going to have a lust for life, if you have so many demons following you around. But you’re the master of this, and if you feel like you have so many things tying you down, or perhaps you know you make mistakes in life, then it’s time to start thinking about changing them. The biggest demon that people have, is the people surrounding them in life. Once you surround yourself with negative people, you start adapting to their mindset, and it’s nearly impossible to be happy and positive, if you’re never around positive people. So think about all of the people in your life who are always ranting and raving, getting you to do silly things, and never really showing any willing to have a better life. These are the people you need to cut loose, or you’re never going to feel that mental freedom that you need so badly.

The biggest negativity that we find people are surrounded with, is actually family. The family home can either be something that’s totally amazing, or the worst place in the world. So if you know your family are always arguing, bringing you down, and never really motivating you, it’s time to find a way out. We know some of you will be against renting, but renting might be the best option for you if you’re looking to live your best life. Another demon that people have, is the bad habits that can develop over time. One bad habit that always comes around when summer does, is spending free time drinking the days away, and not really making the most of the weather. Waking up with hangover after hangover is not what you need in your life. So when the summer comes around, rather than spending it in beer gardens surrounded by your demons, think about taking a camping trip, or planning a hike, or dusting the bikes off and getting into nature!

Doing Something Exhilarating

To do something exhilarating, you have to do something that gets your mind and your body racing, and something that makes the people who know you say ‘whatttt!?’. But don’t worry, we don’t mean any physical or scary, we just mean something that’s so out of the ordinary and crazy for you, but something that feels so right. So if you’re failing to find a lust for life in the country you’re in at the minute, and you know there is more out there in the world for you, then why not think about moving country. Yes, we’re seriously suggesting this, because why the hell not!

The world has so much to offer, and yet most of us will spend our whole lives living in the same small town that we grew up in. So why not spread your wings, and move to a country that’s going to offer you so much more. There are jobs all around the world for people like us, who just want to explore the world and do something different. If you’re single, life is even easier to do this as well. So for example, you could buy a house in singapore for singles, and then sell and move to Australia, or somewhere else tropical in the world. You’re only tied down by your own mindset, and by what you think you should be doing. But if you know the town or the country you’re in at the minute just isn’t for you, then spread your wings whilst you still can!

Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

We can’t stress enough, how important this is. Having the right people around you is really going to make or break you, and so many of us are surrounding ourselves with the wrong people, even without realising it. So think about how much you feel motivated, encouraged, and supported by the ones closest to you. If you think not at all, and you think it’s a one sided thing with you putting in all of the effort, then it’s time for things to change. Get out there and make new friends, and meet people who are truly going to better your life, not people who you feel like you’re having to work hard to please and support!

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