Finding Your Passion For Fitness

There are many reasons to love fitness. It boosts your mood, keeps you healthy and gives you focus, among many other reasons. Of course, despite these reasons, it’s also easy not to love fitness. It takes up time, is hard work and leaves you sweaty.

However, like or loathe it – exercise is important for your health and should be a part of your normal routine. If your fitness levels have fallen, or you’re looking to get back into fitness, then learning to love it could change your outlook.

Find your passion for fitness with the following tips.

Overcome any obstacles that are in your way

What’s been holding you back from exercise? Is it an injury, self-consciousness or some deeper reason? Whatever the reason is, do something about it. Some problems can be fixed with medical treatment and others might just require you giving yourself a push.

The important thing to remember is that fitness is an essential part of health. Is your health worth the risk because you have something holding you back? Get tips and ideas online, from sites like My Top Fitness, then you can make a plan. Make a plan to get yourself on track and open yourself up to the idea of improving your fitness for your health.

Turn it into a habit

According to experts, it takes around 66 days for something to become a habit. That’s just over two months. So if you find that you give up on new fitness routines easily because you’re not seeing results or you’re becoming bored, why not give yourself the 66 day target instead? You’ve probably given relationships a longer chance than that!

You might still not be in love with exercise by that time, but chances are you’ve made it a part of your normal routine and will be able to keep it up. Some tips for making exercise a habit include:

  • Stick to a time of day. If you choose the morning, at least you’ll get it out of the way before your day even properly begins!
  • Have a goal in mind that you want to hit like x amount of workouts a week or a certain number of miles run, etc.
  • Set reminders for yourself to do exercise.
  • Try not to cancel exercise for the sake of other plans, make your other plans fit into around your workouts.
  • Paying for classes or personal trainer sessions could commit you to exercise as you won’t want to waste your money for no reason. By paying in advance, you’re already making the commitment to go, which could help you make it a more regular part of your routine.

Choose activities that make you happy

The good news is that the definition of exercise is pretty fluid. If you’re working your heart and lungs and doing something active, then it could be any number of things. Find fitness activities that make you happy. If you like being outdoors, perhaps in a park or on the beach – then running in these locations could help you grow to love the activity. If you like music and dancing, a dance class could be more your style!

Find something that brings you joy and helps you forget that you’re even doing exercise. You’ll be surprised at how fast you learn to love it.

Set yourself some goals

While exercising for your general health is important, having a goal in mind can stop those ‘why am I doing this’ thoughts. Exercise goals for beginners include things like completing all of your workouts for the week, or walking so many steps. With goals to stick to, you’ll have a more challenging reason to do exercise, that could inspire you to being more passionate about it.

If you really want to push yourself, why not sign up to a marathon or other competition and train for it? This will further help you find a reason and a purpose to exercise that could also lead to a great new hobby.

Get inspired by others

Health and fitness is a passion for many people, and you’ll find their stories easily online. Take a look at some inspirational fitness influencers, you might be surprised at their personal stories and struggles that could help motivate you to be fit. Seeing other people be passionate about something can inspire your own passion. The great thing about places like Instagram, blogs, etc. is that they contain supportive communities who can help you stick to your goals. There’s a lot of love there that can help you find a passion you didn’t even know you had.

Remember to repay the favour and inspire others too, it really could make all the difference in helping someone succeed.

Try everything

Just because you don’t like running or you don’t enjoy swimming, doesn’t mean that you’ll hate all types of exercise. Trying as many different exercises as you can will help you to see the variety that’s out there and could lead you to something that you love.

If you want to make some new friends, then try meeting new people through fitness. You could try team sports or group classes and start to love the more social aspect of exercise.

New types of workout are popping up all the time. These weird and unique fitness classes offer a lot of fun and something different to your typical circuits class or aerobics, making exercise enjoyable once more.

Don’t be afraid to give all kinds of workouts a try, you never know when you might find something that fits!

Could it be your career?

Many people’s passion for fitness sees them turn it into a career. If you’re keen, looking for personal training courses near you could get you started on a career that you are really passionate about. A desire to help others and share knowledge can lead to a very rewarding career helping other people to get fit and healthy.

If this sounds like a bit of you, then perhaps a career in personal trainingyoga teaching, or even Pilates instructing, may be an ideal career path. 

Not all fitness-related careers are about vanity or getting in shape quick. In fact, there are many people who help those who’ve suffered accidents and injuries and need help regaining their mobility to help them stay healthy. You can find information on this type of career here: and perhaps even sign up to take a course! Working in the health and fitness industry has a lot of benefits, and as a growing industry, you could make a big success of it.

Share it!

Many people share their interests online. You might even be doing it subconsciously already. Health and fitness is a popular subject for people to share their passions. You could start a fitness blog or make fitness the focus of your Instagram feed – whatever helps to keep you motivated.

Documenting your fitness efforts can spur you to carry on, eventually becoming your passion. You see it all the time as people share their fitness journeys and transformations – why can’t it be you next?

Who knows, maybe seeing your efforts could help someone else find their passion for fitness?

Get your friends involved

Are you and your friends more of the wine and dine kind than those who like to stay fit together? Why not change that? Exercise can be a great way to socialise, and gives you something to bond over. When you work out with friends, you can all help to push and motivate each other and develop a positive feeling around your group.

Getting fit together doesn’t mean having to give up on your regular activities. A Saturday morning yoga session or spin class can easily be followed up by breakfast or lunch, helping you earn your reward at the end of it. If you and your friends are bored of doing the same old thing, this could help turn things around.

Helping your friends to get healthier can strengthen your friendship, giving you even more of a reason to support and motivate each other. It also helps both of your confidence to work out together, which is great if you’re nervous about exercising alone.

Make it a part of your lifestyle

A lot has been said about the importance of fitness for your health, and it is definitely something to think about. We’re often seen as a nation of lazy bones, who could face a lot of health problems as we get older.

Making healthy changes to your lifestyle early on in your life could do a lot to benefit you in later life. Your body will be stronger and fitter, and you’ll reduce your risk of developing weight and diet-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Finding your passion for fitness isn’t something that happens overnight, but it can make a big difference to your life. The endorphins produced during exercise are a natural mood booster, that will help you feel good and ease some of the stress you might be facing in your life. If you’ve been holding back from exercise, now is the time to give it a try. Face up to what’s stopping you and look at ways you can make exercise a fun and healthy part of your life.

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