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I was lucky to be sent another pair of Firmoo Glasses to review. I loved my prescription sunglasses from before so I was keen to try out a pair of ‘normal’ glasses. As I wear contact lenses a lot of the time, it is so nice to have the option of wearing some funky glasses for an alternative look.

I currently have a pair of Gok Wan glasses from Specsavers and they were £99. I have been very happy with them but having the comparison of this pair from Firmoo, it feels like I was charged quite a lot for them. Yes, the Specsavers ones are ‘designer’ but in terms of weight and quality, I couldn’t really find a difference between them.

The Firmoo range roughly cost £24 (but there are some slightly cheaper and some slightly more expensive) which is a brilliant price point. You can also choose from a variety of glasses with different shapes (rectangular, circular, wayfarer etc) and a variety of different materials (plastic, metal, titanium etc). You can add your prescription if you know it, and choose optional add-ons like scratch resistant lenses etc but you can buy the glasses without a prescription if you don’t need glasses to see with, but just fancy a pair.

The only thing that most people would worry about when buying glasses online would be if they fit your face and suited you. You can upload a picture on the website and it will detect where your eyes are and then place the lenses, with the right proportions, on your face. This was really useful! My current glasses are quite square and as I have quite a big, square face I was worried that a cat-eye frame might not suit me but using the ‘trying-on’ tool I could see that I didn’t look that bad 😉

The delivery is quick to say that they come from abroad. There is only one delivery option that costs over £10. I think it would be good if there was a different (slower) delivery option if you wanted to pay a bit less for postage, but other than that I can really recommend Firmoo.

I genuinely don’t think I will get my glasses from anywhere else now as these are such a bargain, good quality and there is such a huge choice.

firmoo firmoo1 firmoo2

What do you think? Do they suit me OK?

Rebecca x

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*I received the glasses free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.

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