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I have been struggling with my weight for a while now. I think since I have been told about my hormone imbalance and infertility issues, I was just so mad at my body that I started treating it pretty badly. I was down about it, but that made me want to eat even more. It really has been a vicious cycle that gets worse and worse.

I’d given up with counting calories or really wthcing what I ate. I know that just sounds like an excuse to people that aren’t facing sicknesses or emotional eating, but it is true. I have remained pretty active, but of course, there is always more that I can do. So I have decide that enough is enough.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that last week I was up in town for a special event for XLS-Nutrition. There were a group of seven bloggers that got together to learn about the new healthy weight loss shakes, and who we can use them in our lives. It also kicked off an eight-week plan that we are all going to follow to give our weight loss a boost, with the three shakes, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

How are these shakes different?

I have tried a few different weight loss shakes in my time. But to be honest, they have just left me feeling really hungry and craving things to eat. So to be honest, I was a bit dubious about this one. I have the motivation of having to report back to other bloggers and the brand, not to mention having some professional ‘after’ pictures taken. So I have to stick to it!

If you can see on the box though, for the vanilla flavour at least, there is 31g of protein in the shakes, which is the highest I have ever seen for a weight loss shake like this. So not only does it help to target the fat n your body, rather than the muscle, it helps to keep my feeling fuller for longer. And you know what, after a week of it, I have really noticed that I am feeling fuller for longer. I don’t really even crave snacks (though thing like fruit and vegetables are allowed), as long as I am drinking enough water. So for me, that is the first thing I noticed and why it is different to other shakes; I feel full when I have them.

How convenient is it?

I do much better when someone tells me what to eat, rather than me having to meal plan. So for me, knowing that I am having a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch (or dinner), and then a regular meal (under 600 calories), is really easy to plan for. I hardly have to think about it!

Mornings are such a mad rush as it is, so to have a shake to just grab and go is really convenient for me. It also works best for me to have one for lunch too, as I am usually trying to fit in some work, a workout, or picking up Chloe from nursery. So as things have been going, I have preferred the two shakes and then a proper meal in the evening.

Have I cheated?

Last week it was my birthday and we went to Brugge and Amsterdam for two nights away. While i took the shakes with me, I did have half a waffle in Brugge and I had a hotel breakfast the two mornings that we were there. I was sensible with my choices though, but just had a shake for lunch on those days. I have come much better at calorie counting as I had neglected to do that for a while.

Weight loss after week one?

After one week I have lost 3 pounds exactly.

To say that I had two days that wasn’t being strict with the diet, I don’t think that I have done too badly. Plus, I want to be consistent with this, change my lifestyle, so that I am able to keep the weight loss off. So around 2 pounds a week is what I want to aim for. Fingers crossed! I have around 30 pounds to lose in total.

Have you heard of XLS-Nutrition before? It would be great to hear what you think and if you’ve tried something similar before.

*this is a collabrative post with XLS-Nutrition. However, all opinions are my own and reflect my honest thoughts on the products and my experience with them.

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  • I love the idea of shakes but the problem is i go really well on them for a few days and then the cravings kick in! then boom. Back to my old ways! I need to change this habbit!

  • Hope you had an amazing birthday and the time you spent in Belgium and Holland. I was in Brugges last month too and it was really chilly at that time. Best wishes for you to attain your weight goals.

  • Wow well done on the 3lb weight loss – thats amazing. It’s so important to do these things safely and in a healthy way and I hope your journey goes really well

    Laura x

  • I must admit I’ve really struggled with shakes I’ve tried many different ones and I can never stick at it I miss food too much.

  • I am in my first week using these shakes – I have just bought a Fitbit to ensure I am keeping in control of energy out eg steps and work outs as well as energy in. So I am doing exactly the same as you – two shakes morning and lunch and then a normal healthy meal in the evening. 5 days in and I am doing ok! I like the taste – no fake sickly sweet after taste more a gentle taste – I particularly like the chocolate – Vanilla was ok. Not tried strawberry. No idea if I have lost weight or not but I think at this rate science should kick in and it will come off. Can I stick it for say 6 weeks? That would be my ideal – only time will tell…. I’d like to see a follow up blog on this

  • I weigh 26 stone 4lbs and started on these shakes yesterday. I’m so greedy i didn’t think I’d manage even one day on them but 2 days in and I’m not hungry. I’m just having 2 a day and then a healthy meal in the evening. I’m not calorie counting at all so will see how I get on.

  • 3 lbs in the first week is great. I started using these this week and opted for the strawberry. Like you I have tried other shakes and felt hungry, but so far these are great. I have 2 shakes a day and a meal a night. I’m finding that this heat wave has helped aswell as im only really wanting light dinners light chicken salads. Unfortunately my period started 2 days into my plan and I was sure this would hamper my weight loss, but to my surprise I have lost 8lbs in my first week. I’m sure it will drop down to steady amount but so far im loving these shakes.

  • I have recently started the shakes too, have been on them coming up for three weeks. I find I am not hungry on them but still want to chew/eat, oral gratification me thinks! I feel less inclined to weigh myself, as I know I can have a 3lb variant in my readings, however I can see in my face that my weight has reduced as I have less of a double chin and I did try on a dress that was almost too tight to get on and it was easier to get on though still very tight… but I felt encouraged. I do not know how long you are meant to remain on the shakes, but I feel a lot less pressure just drinking these than having to consider meal planning and counting calories. My idea is to remain on the shakes as a meal replacement twice a day for as long as needed to shift the 4 stone I need to lose. I have not put a date on the completion as that feels like pressure too. I do find it hard to drink the amount of water advised. I also feel that my moods are stable and that there are no sweet cravings at all. I do allow myself my 2 sugars in my first coffee in the morning. Good luck

  • 8 am not sure I could stick to the shakes for a long period of time, however tasty they are. I enjoy cooking and entertaining too much. So for me better as a healthy kickstart motivational loss.

  • Can I change my afternoon shake to the evening as I excersise in the afternoon 3 times a week and don’t fancy doing it on a shake I would rather have a meal in the afternoon and shake for my tea?

  • Hi I have just started the shakes today am on the chocolate one so am gunna have three shakes a day and fruit for snacks or vegetables and plenty of water can I take the xx appetite reducer after every shake please

  • Hi I am sue I did try xls tablets I lost 2 stone in the end then I stopped it and now I won’t to try the shakes cuz I need to loss 3 to 4 stone