Fit for Summer

Summer always seems like the best time to get into shape and get fit (must be something to do with showing more flesh than normal, for me anyway)! I halfmarathonreally got into running last summer and I really want to get into it again.

I tend to do exercise videos at the moment, like Jillian Michaels and Insanity but there is something nice about being out running in the fresh air, plus the right kind of trainers are so important for those kinds of things, lots of impact can really affect your knees! I really like this pair from SportsShoes and you can pick the perfect pair to support you, depending on your gait / pronation. Watch this video about choosing the right running shoes and how you can test your pronation.

I struggle with motivation a bit when I’m out running by myself so I do enjoy doing my local parkrun on a Saturday morning. A free 5k that gets timed is great – plus there are lots of others out running too so like to work on ‘beating’ other runners that are in front of me. I had a pb once upon a time of 25 minutes but since children etc I’ve been stuck at 30 minutes – I would LOVE to get under 30 minutes this summer (I’d even be happy with 29 minutes, it just has to be under 30)!

after my first half-marathon (who wears that much eyeliner to run in)?!

What motivates you to exercise though? For me it is definitely just the feeling of being fit. You can just get in a rut of feeling bloaty and sluggish. If you’ve never exercised much in your life, this would just be how you normally feel and would think that was normal. As a former personal trainer and class instructor, I know what being really fit feels like and I really want that feeling again.

A lot of people make lack of time an excuse but I’m finding that I’m happy to make the time but sometimes it isn’t always the most convenient. When Max is at nursery in the morning it is a really good time to do something. I still have Chloe with me so maybe I should be looking into a buggy class with her? Or just get out in the garden – I’ve seen lots of YouTube videos of buggy exercises – they make it look so easy! Kiddicare have a great range of jogger pushchairs so I probably need to look into getting a proper one. That or a good ergonomic baby carrier. There is lots of great info here about New Mum Fitness.

Do you have any fitness goals? I’d love a getting-in-shape buddy!


Rebecca x

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  • Yes! Please move to Ireland and we can exercise together! I need to get back into it. I’m not in a routine right now, which makes it hard to get going. Love the photo with the Mars! x Thank you for hosting #snotallaboutyou

  • I was doing so well at working out at the first part of the year but have gone into slacker mode the past couple. I will get back on it though. I love to be outdoors walking but right now that would mean getting up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat. Thanks so much for hosting #snotallaboutyou. I really enjoy this linky.

  • Oh god I am eating a bag of M&Ms while reading this. Mine really is a lack of time I work 9-5 5 days a week and spend all evening sorting the kids and getting ready for the next day Poo! Great energising blog, i’v put the M&Ms away now honest!

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